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How YU Yureka is a future-proof Phablet

Micromax recently announced the Yureka, their latest device under the new brand YU. With the YU, they mark the entry of this new brand name in the market. The device in question here, Yureka, is quite an impressive start to this new brand’s line-up. It packs in lot of impressive features and offers excellent value for money. We saw Lava take the brand marketing route first and now Micromax is going down the same road.

The Yu Yureka has got a 64 bit chipset and it has got support for 4G networks even before they arrive in India. On top of that, it runs one of the best operating systems out there, Cyanogen OS. It retains the simplicity and functionality of stock android while handling countless new customisation options and security features. It gives you lot of control over your device and gives you options you won’t find on any other operating system. So overall they have created a superb package here. We did some digging and found out why this could very well be a future proof device in a sea of devices that age every few months.

How YU Yureka is a future-proof Phablet - review

64 bit architecture

Last year with the iPhone 5S, Apple brought in the first smartphone with a 64 bit chipset. While Qualcomm denied acknowledging the advantage of using a 64 bit chipset immediately, they eventually moved towards the same. We have seen some devices being launched with 64 bit chipsets recently, most of them based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 which is a low end 64 bit chipset. It is very clear that in near future, most of the smartphones will move towards 64 bit chipsets. A 64 bit processor can access the memory faster and manages it more effectively as compared to 32 bit processors.

The top end of the 64 bit tree is going to be occupied by Snapdragon 810 for now. The Snapdragon 615 is going to a mid-range chipset which they have offered at such an attractive price. It is an octa core processor with maximum clock speed of 1.5 GHz. It gives you benchmark scores matching the level of flagship devices of last year, on a budget device. This means that it has got plenty of power for almost everything and will continue to be powerful enough for a longer while.

4G support

There are many devices on sale in the market already that support 4G networks while for the other devices; the manufacturers generally launch the non 4G version in Indian market as there are no 4G networks here. Manufacturers like Samsung launch the non 4G version of their high end devices in the Indian market which means that when we finally see 4G networks in more areas, we will have to upgrade to 4G devices. Operators have started testing 4G networks in some cities already and it won’t be long before they start spreading in other parts of the country. In case of Yu Yureka, 4G support is already here so even if you are planning to adopt 4G networks early, you will have the right device to do so. Also at this price tag, it is the cheapest 4G device to go on sale in our country.


Whenever I plan to buy a new phone, there is one very important filter I use to make the final decision on a new device. I check if it has got official cyanogen mod support. The reason is very obvious. These people at Cyanogen are better than many mainstream manufacturers when it comes to developing an operating system based on Android. Samsung has got its slow Touch Wiz with useless software features. LG uses colour schemes to suit a 7 year old kid. Sony takes ages to come up with software updates and even when they do, there are major bugs to deal with. If a Cyanogen mod release is termed as stable, it actually is because there have been lot of nightly and snapshot releases before that. And going off the page and talking about other devices here, there are many devices for which the manufacturers ended support at Gingerbread or ICS but Cyanogen is still supporting them with latest android versions.

On this version of Cyanogen OS 11, you get most of the features you will get on the Cyanogen mod ROM you will install on any other device with the exception of some developer friendly features. People like to be satisfied about their privacy and security. Cyanogen promises to be safer than most of the Android releases out there. While on most devices you can either choose to install an app or not to, on this, you can change what permissions the app has got. So now you don’t have to wonder why a web browser needs access to your contacts, you can simply uncheck it.

Bootloader and Root

Ever tried taking a rooted device to service center? Even if the issue is not caused by root, they will simply deny repairing that because it is a rooted device. Until now people who love to tinker with their devices have been staying away from manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn, Spice and Lava because they couldn’t find the kernel source or root methods for these devices. Now Micromax is trying to change things by giving an unlockable bootloader and will make the kernel source available. On top of that, rooting the device won’t void the warranty on the device which is a really good gesture on behalf of the manufacturer.


With Cyanogen comes the Cyanogen theme support. Some manufacturers have offered this feature in the past but with very few options or there were third party applications for the job which would require you to replace many system applications with third party versions. Here it gets its own theme support with a large number of free and paid themes available. So if you are a HTC fan, go ahead download the one that looks like HTC interface. The theme includes an entire package of sounds, icons, colour schemes and

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