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Worried About Checkpoints? These Four Apps May Save You

Depending on your location, checkpoints by local law enforcement may be a regular part of life. Still, it is not as if they advertise in advance where they will be, or the times at which they will be operating them; so only a pair of watchful eyes could try to avoid them in the past. These days, though, technology is making it possible for a network of individuals who are proactive to remain out of trouble and unfortunate situations. In the following article, you will find four mobile applications that can help you avoid roadblocks and checkpoints, allowing you to go from Point A to Point B undisturbed.

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DUI Dodger

DUI Dodger iOS Checkpoints App

Depending on where you are travelling, there may be common points of interest where local law enforcement operates. With DUI Dodger ($4.99, available for iOS devices), you will be able to see a map with all published checkpoints held over the past fifty days – within 50 miles of your current location. The app can also help you avoid accidents, detention and fines by helping you determine whether or not you should be operating a motor vehicle; the Blood Alcohol Content Calculator that is included will ask a few simple questions to give an estimate of your current level of intoxication.



Trapster iOS and Android checkpoints app

One of the most popular apps of its kind on the market, Trapster is used to alert drivers to not only checkpoints in their area, but also red light cameras and accidents in the vicinity. Especially helpful if you are driving in unfamiliar territory, Trapster will alert you ahead of time to allow for detours to avoid unnecessary stops and delays. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Trapster app is free to download and automatically adjusts the screen depending on whether it is daytime or night time.


Accident and DUI Help

Accident and DUI Help checkpoints app

In the event you find yourself in an accident or facing a DUI charge, the Accident and DUI Help app (available for free on Android devices) can provide some clarity and needed information in a bad situation. The one-touch notification feature embedded within the app can send out immediate text and email to family and friends to let them know you have been arrested, while the quick-touch recording feature allows you to capture audio and/or video of the resulting arrest. There are also a BAC estimator and cab feature within the app to help you avoid any mishaps in the first place.


Police Scanner

free checkpoints app Police Scanner

The best way to be aware of local law enforcement’s whereabouts is to be tuned into local frequencies – something now possible from your phone. The Police Scanner app for Android allows its users to listen to scanner feeds in dozens of countries and stay up-to-date on any late-breaking developments in the vicinity.  Most likely, an existing roadblock will be discussed at one point or another, so listening to these feeds can help you avoid any delays or detentions in the right circumstance. This app is free to download and is well worth it considering the headaches it may save you later.


Author Bio: Lenny Smith, works as a secretary for a defense lawyer in Calgary. She does her job efficiently. She aspires to become a lawyer and strives to learn as much as she can about it from working there.

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