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Wizemail New Look Site Works Wonders

First impressions can have a big impact on business clients and this is something that firms should be aware of. This is one of the reasons why Wizemail has launched a new look website, offering a lot more features to their client.

Some of the key features include:


One of the first things you will notice about the Wizemail site is that there are a number of larger than life characters kicking about on site. This should ensure that your attention is grabbed from the first minute and this is often a great way to get a point or message across to users in a quick and easy manner.

There are a number of different characters that can be found on site, all with their own role to play in providing customers with functions and service. There is a lot to be said for adding a slightly personal feel to the services on offer from a firm and this is where you can take a lot of inspiration about how to approach your own customers. If you think about how these characters reached out and had an impact on you, the same can be said for characters that you create and your own customers.

While the email marketing software provided by Wizemail is important in providing a high level of service, it is important to not overlook the basics of marketing in getting your points across to customers and clients.

Free Trial Option

If you are looking to properly try out email marketing services and features, the best way of doing so is to give the service a trial. This is why the 30 day free trial option provided by Wizemail is going to be of benefit. There is plenty of information available on site but when it comes to seeing the service in action and getting the best feel for what is on offer, you will find that having the chance to test the service for yourself is going to be crucial.

The good thing about the length of free trial offered by Wizemail is the fact that you get enough chance to give all of the features a thorough examination. Clearly the true merits of an email marketing campaign can only be measured in the results, and the 30 day trial period provides an opportunity to judge whether campaigns have been effective.


The key features offered by Wizemail include:

  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Analysis
  • Data & Segmentation
  • Security

These are all key components of email marketing and if you fail to focus on one particular element, you run the risk of putting your entire marketing campaign at risk. Having all of these different elements at your disposal, and being able to focus on them individually allows you to strengthen certain elements. This is ideal if you have utilised email marketing strategies in the past but felt a certain element was lacking.

The fact that Wizemail provides assistance on all of the key aspects of email marketing, offering more information at all times, should provide considerable confidence to all clients.

Tried and tested templates

When it comes to getting started with email marketing, one of the problems that many people have is not being sure of how to set up their email or what layout to use. There is a concern that a poorly constructed email can actually be more damaging than no email marketing activities at all. This is where the provision of a considerable number of templates is of great benefit to the user.

The site has a great deal of experience when it comes to creating reliable emails that have been proven to work, and this is where the provision of these templates enables new users to jump straight in with the greatest of confidence.

Companies they have worked with

When it comes to finding a new company, knowing the other firms that the company has served is a great starting point. The site provides a lot more information, including testimonials, about previous work undertaken by the firm.

Tutorials and training

While templates provide new clients with an opportunity to set up an effective email marketing campaign with the minimum of fuss and effort, it is understandable that many users will want to develop their own skills. This is where the tutorials and training services provided by Wizemail provides the platform for new users to become email marketing experts.

The site also offers a glossary of terms and extensive support which means it is possible to learn more while you use the system. If you are keen to utilise email marketing as key component of your business, having the ability to develop your skills will be of considerable benefit.

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