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Whenever it comes to a desktop operating system, we always tend to rely on Microsoft Windows as they not only support all the applications but are even convenient to use. Since its Inception Microsoft has launched various advanced versions of Windows with the latest being Windows 8 and are now prepared to come up with its new OS version known as Widows Blue. This new version would amaze the users with its advanced features and extremely low prices. This Windows version has been designed keeping in mind the upcoming touch technology in desktops and laptops. The touch improvisation of the OS would help in accessing the application list and the drawing function. Snapping is one of the major features being introduced into the OS as it would display more than one running application at a time on the screen. The use of Blue would reduce the display size of the screen exactly in halves for ease in viewing or even in vertical quarters where more than two applications are being viewed.

Windows Blue

  • Applications:

There are also newer applications to support mailing, people and calendar. The alarm, sound recorder and calculator also show up in the form of tiles which makes it easy to use these apps. In comparison to Windows 8 this Windows version has smaller tiles so that you can easily arrange them in groups. This Windows version even enables the users to customize the start screen and even swap the background and change the colors from the system’s sidebar. The improved search capability is also one of the features which would be appreciated by most users. If you are of the opinion that Windows 7 or 8 has it all then it’s not really the case as you after using this upgraded Windows version you would not feel like using the other versions. Windows Blue would make use of a more advanced version of Internet Explorer so that the users can take screenshots and even link to the pages. IE 11 is in itself a great surprise as it has loads of new features which are yet to be explored.

  • Operating System:

This Windows OS has SkyDrive app through which you can sync any desktop application. If you want to click any photos you can simply access the menu and click the pictures. A shutdown screen would appear which would act as a frame for you while taking pictures. The new settings would also offer a completely silent surroundings for a few hours making it appropriate for you to have a short nap. This version has movie moments wherein captions can be added onto the videos which were not possible in the earlier versions. The keyboard layout proves to be convenient when you insert the numbers. Rumors are that there would be built-in tethering and modern Windows Defender. It is being believed that this Windows would even be compatible with the barcode scanners so that it can be used in retail stores as well.

Windows Blue would even save your battery from draining by shutting down the unused applications. It is also believed that this Windows desktop OS would require less RAM to operate. User friendly and touch friendly this operating system would really change your way of thinking and working. Rumors are that these critical changes would affect the traditional versions but it’s really hard to believe unless the version is being launched in the market. The earlier versions have really been appreciated by the users considerably due to their supportive features and convenience but the future of this version is still unknown. The new Windows would prove to be the best for x86 bit PC as it would save the battery from draining out.

  • Pros and Cons:

This OS has many pros and cons and it is important to understand what it is all about before using it. However for some it might prove to be a complete waste but some users might feel it more useful. Opinions differ from user to user and therefore it is a tough task to decide whether or not this version proves to be in accordance with its features. The Windows Blue benefits are many, even though, it has done away with the file recovery option which was available in the earlier versions.

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