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Will Downloading And Converting A YouTube Video To An MP3 Be Considered An Infringement?

Bilateral views

There can be two sided answer to this question. Some may say that this process is legal and some may say it’s illegal. But the fact is unilateral. In actual practice, converting a YouTube video to an MP3 format is legal unless the production department that owns that video leaves a copyright statement in the market place from where the video is downloaded. “A copyright is a form of shielding given to the authors for their original work of authorship”. This statement could be a single line statement or a set of statements signed by the owner of the video.

Nowadays, many video converting software have been launched that allow people to convert videos downloaded from YouTube to MP3 file and edit it in their own style. They edit these videos for a set of slide show images and the song plays in the background.

Problems with Counterfeit

When we search for a song video on YouTube, we get huge variety of videos for a single song. Sure, the production department of the original video would have put a lot of effort on a single video. Obviously, the presence of different video for the same song could be a tragedy for them. Instead it would be much easier to produce a new song with a new video.

When we look for a video on YouTube, it’s quite hard to decide as to which one is the original one, by merely seeing the poster look of the video on the home page of YouTube. Almost all the fake or edited videos have the same still image on their videos as the original one, which means that one needs to play each video, one by one to identify the original video. If he/she is lucky he might get the first video as the original creation.

There are different ways to identify whether the video uploaded on YouTube is an original creation or edited.

1) In most cases the first video displayed on the home page is the original creation.

2) Look for the owner of the video or the Production house name. It’s written just below the video title. So if you know any of these you could easily identify the original video.


Coming to the point, let’s not forget that if the owner has not given permission for copying its trade mark, then doing so is a crime. There’s no doubt that many people discourage the copyright statements and still publish these videos on their name after modifying in their own way. As said earlier, this is illegal. The owner has all the right to file a case against this. One should keep in mind that these infringements will deceive creativity. No one has right to steal the creativity of others. Laws are made for some genuine purpose. One who breaks it suffers for a very long time. We would suggest that our readers are aware of the outcomes of these tricks and try to pitch aside from these issues.

Author Bio: Brandon is a tech blogger who loves to write about the latest in technology and gadgets. He regularly uses video2mp3 converter to convert his favourite videos to Mp3 format.

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