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Want To Learn Computer Security Tips?

You have heard everyone talk about computer security and more so, how to be secure online but how do you practice those effective security tips? You have probably blamed it on hackers as well as virus attacks that are sprouting up every now and then. You should understand that prevention has always been better than cure and you should work to secure your system at all times even if it might involve hiring professional security providers. Those who are tech-savvy can easily read up on their own and do some basic preparations to ensure computer security.

User accounts

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Remember that your data should be protected at all times and if you happen to allow too many people to use the same computer, then you are in for disaster. You should set user accounts to prevent others from seeing your data. This will go ahead to specify privileges on the shared data like editing and deleting operations. Have you ever thought of a situation where both you and your child use the same PC and they happen to delete your files by mistake? You do not want to see that happening!

Wireless network

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It is true that wired internet networks have little risk of people encroaching on them. However, wireless networks have many “holes” that can be used to breach security of the entire network. You need to be vigilant by setting up a password protected network as the first step. Then, you should have the network assigned a name as well as password because it is more likely than not a Wi-Fi network. You can also have the latest encryption methods such as WPA2 set up to ensure that the network is secure.

Anti-virus program

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Antivirus programs come in handy as they will keep your computer protected round the clock. Once installed and updated, the anti virus system will protect your computer against malware, viruses and Trojan worms or any malicious programs. Most security suites will provide internet security as well as firewalls in addition to the basic anti virus program.

Parental control software

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You want to keep your computer safe and keep your children secure also. There are many “cyber enemies” and this is the last thing you would want for your children to get in contact with. You want to monitor what your children are up to online and this could be filtering adult content and blocking some of the inappropriate websites. You should note that when you have parental control software installed, you can monitor what your kid is doing, the most visited websites, who they communicate with, what they communicate, the date of conversation and the time of the conversation. Children love the social sites such as Facebook which can also be a preying ground for the cyber enemies. You can set filters, use the keylogging features, block sites and also capture all that is happening online. The good thing with this software is that it is invisible and cannot be traced in the registry.

Now that you know some of the areas you should pay attention to, make sure that you take computer security seriously before it wrecks havoc in your daily life!

Author Bio: Pete Newman is a tech enthusiast and loves to talk about new technologies. He is fascinated by the new monitoring software named Webwatcher. An avid blogger, he discusses whole host of tech related issues on his blog.

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