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November 28, 2015
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December 11, 2015

Use of Cloud Desktops for Improvement in IT Facility

Use of Cloud Desktops for Improvement in IT Facility

What is a Cloud Desktop?

A cloud desktop hosting or virtual desktop is similar to having one’s own personal computer on demand. Cloud system have penetrated the internet world not few years ago but made a huge impact globally. It has now been accepted as the future of internet technology. Cloud desktop not only is convenient to use but also helps one be totally relieved of the fear of having a system crash or data loss. With every document and information saved online in array of servers, it helps in gaining access to one’s files instantly. With all the smartphones and different operating systems compatibility, cloud desktop has opened a whole new frontier to epic and fast deployment and access of information.

Benefits of Cloud Desktops:

Cloud desktops come with a huge list of benefits which is almost a no brainer to most tech guys, but everyone should know and take the advantage as soon as possible because with every passing second, the fight for space online is increasing.

Worry free Against Physical Damage:

With cloud desktop hosting, safe keeping of files is the best advantage. Generally what happens with a normal desktop computer at home is: people must rely on hardware, safekeeping and almost always have a recurring expenditure for access one way or another. Moreover data loss due to hardware fault is a common scenario encountered by thousands if not millions all over the world. With cloud desktops, information and the whole process is stored across multiple data centers spread throughout the globe so no worry in case of hardware failure since proper maintenance of hardware is one thing every data center does on a regular basis.

Information Theft and Security:

The cloud desktops are hosted on servers that apply top of the line security systems which is almost impossible to get into by hackers. Antivirus and other anti-malware programs are pre-installed on the system which protects it from any damage against rising threats. When a cloud desktop connection is established, the connection is secure and thus encrypted with highly complex algorithms which are impossible to crack.

Instant Access of Data Across Devices:

Different systems have gotten into the everyday life of individuals. So, different operating systems on each device have different settings and actions. But some information needs to be handy at all times especially for work. This is probably the biggest advantage of cloud desktop which is: to have the access to one’s operating system, files, programs and settings accessible at all times no matter what operating system or device is used to access them.

A huge Improvement in any IT Facility:

For any IT facility, the faster it goes to cloud desktop computing the more advantageous, productive and secured it becomes. Below are some of the most important reasons for which an IT facility might want to select cloud desktop computing as their next renovation process.

Secured and Safe: Security of data plays an important role in any company. Cloud desktop brings together the best security procedures available till date and thus data is always kept safe. Be it physical damage or software problems, a company which takes the benefit of cloud desktop computing in conjugation with normal IT functions will have tremendous advantage in terms of damage and control measures. After all, security of data is of prime importance of any company.

Better Productivity: With cloud desktop hosting in place like, it will be easy for employees to access, review and share information between themselves. This can result in better management and cut down in time expenditure. Employees can access the required files from any device with the UI of their chosen Operating System and also will have instant access to all the software and definitely the power to process them with just a tap from their smartphones. The creation of this much of flexibility without all the worries about hardware problems interrupting workflow is a definite enhancement for productivity.

Power without the cost: With everything hosted online, the programs actually run on high end configurations hence computing power is superb as opposed to computing power of desktop computers of an average office. Also, since the entire experience is only visual, it requires minimum bandwidth and yet runs as smoothly as ever.

One can take all the advantage of the following mentioned through cloud desktop hosting:
-Choice of Operating System: Windows touch based OS or Citrix
-MS office for free
-All standard applications installed.
-All files and data.
-Data can be backed up for additional safety against accidental deletes or modifications.
-Access can be granted with permissions.
-Local devices can be accessed easily just like operating a physical computer.
-Uses minimum bandwidth.
-Offers top class firewall, anti-malware and encryption algorithms for better security.
-Can be accessed from a variety of devices such as desktops, macs, smartphones, tablets etc.

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