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Top Mobile Apps to Educate Your Children

There are lots of advancements taken place in the field of technology. Several types of Smartphones are currently available along with different types of applications serving different purposes. There are applications developed to educate your kids. Here are some of the top applications to educate your children.

Top Mobile Apps to Educate Your Children

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Kill Math

Kill Math is developed with an intention to make mathematics more meaningful to its learners. It is a web-based application and completely available for free. It will no longer use pencil and paper to solve the problems. It is an idea of Bret Victor, said that learning mathematics requires a new interface. The symbolic shuffle should no longer be taken for granted as the basic means for understanding the amount and change. The kill Math application has several ideas and project along with a scrubbing calculator and an essay using conceptions.


Codify is a new iPad application allows users to build programs and writes software. Its price is $9.99 and compatible only with iOS devices. The app utilizes the Lua programming language and takes advantage of the tablet’s multi-touch screen to help you effortlessly edit your code. Best application for stimulations on iPad.

Middle School Confidential

Middle School Confidential is an iOS application and for Nook Colour. It is designed as a book type building character and acted as self-confidence to iOS devices. As with other names in the series, the book provides advice for widespread middle school matters, made accessible by its graphic novel format.


Geoloqi is one of the top mobile applications to educate kids. It is mainly a location-based app added an option called a Wikipedia layer. This feature is used to get the push notifications depending on the content of Wikipedia articles when you are in any particular area. It is compatible for iOS devices and is available for free of cost.


Squad is an application that acts a code editor. It is specially designed to work on programming projects together and easy to share. It can be used by both the beginners and learners. It supports many programming languages such as PHP, HTML, C, C++, and many more. The cost of this application depends on the size of the group and is affordable.

Mind Snacks

It is starting up for learning mobile language. As with all the Mindsnacks titles, the app boasts diverse sport to help learners reconsider and boost their language information. It is a free iOS application. While the app is primarily free, you do need to unlock all 50 of the grades. Mindsnacks’ Spanish language discovering app was chosen by apple as one of the best learning apps of 2011.

Van Gogh’s Dream

Van Gogh’s Dream iPad app is available on the Apple Store for $9.99. The app encompasses an entire catalogue of the artist’s 80 Auvers paintings, his last letter to his male sibling Theo in its original type along with translation and transcription. The app furthermore encompasses some testimonials from art historians and other creative persons.

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