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May 12, 2017
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June 15, 2017

Top Four Amazing SEO Tools to Save Your Time A Lot

Nowadays, blogging helps to earn a lot of money. Monetizing a blog means becoming a small entrepreneur in a way. However, being an active blogger and posting articles quite often is pointless without making the blog SEO optimized. SEO is kind of a universal key that can open you a portal to the search engine world and expand your traffic. That’s why SEO tools implementation is crucial for those who want to make their blog popular and trendy. Thus, we introduce effective SEO tools that will save your time and life (or at least your blog’s traffic).

Top Four Amazing SEO Tools to Save Your Time A Lot

SEO tools: How to Choose

A vast number of SEO tools can make you puzzled: which one to choose in order to get the best results? Some of them are free of charge but most of SEO software needs to be paid for. Mostly, the fee depends on two factors: the functions a tool enables and its popularity. Before purchasing the tool, try out its free, trial version: it will make it clear if the software will satisfy your future needs.


The tagline of this tool is “Organic Search Report” and is completely justified by the possibilities Ahrefs provides. Analyzing the market niche your website operates in, the tool gives you a useful list of organic keywords your competitors exploit to get promoted in search engines, which gives you an opportunity to do the same.

AHREFS- Top Amazing SEO Tools to Save Your Time A Lot

In addition to that, Ahrefs encourages your link building strategy and assists in making your content more captivating for your readers. Keeping track of your competitors’ backlinks gives you a magnificent possibility to realize what direction you should move in. The tool’s operation is based on your website’s primary needs, your goals, budget, actual industry and many other different and yet significant things.


The tool is aimed at winning the market by promoting the website via SEO optimization. Gathering data from the whole Internet, SimilarWeb finalizes it and sorts the way it would be useful precisely for your site. The attention is concentrated on the website’s traffic and the ways to boost it.

SIMILARWEB - Top Four Amazing SEO Tools to Save Your Time A Lot

The website’s engagement and traffic information help you realize what needs to be improved in order to get higher positions in search engines. Due to the app existing in most popular browsers, SimilarWeb helps ordinary users to figure out whether the website is worth their trust, which is why using the tool’s parameters to improve your traffic will also be beneficial in your users’ eyes.


SEO POWERSUITE - Top Four Amazing SEO Tools to Save Your Time A Lot

With its creative logo that is more similar to Microsoft Corporation due to the color choice and geometrical fulfillment, SEO PowerSuite claims to be the only software with proven results. The part with being the only one is still judgemental, but one thing is clear: PowerSuite will definitely improve your website’s ranking and its traffic. Working much quicker than most of the SEO tools, this software is a multiple-tasker and is able to fulfill lots of assignments at once. The unlimited number of keywords PowerSuite provides helps you to understand what your blog’s content should really be about. What’s more, it is optimized not only for Google but also for more than 300 search engines which makes the results much more precise.


This stunning tool is completely free of charge and, therefore, even more, beneficial for bloggers because the result won’t certainly be disappointing. The main keywords you need to implement in your posts will be sorted into a table according to their search volume.

KEYWORDTOOL.IO - Top Four Amazing SEO Tools to Save Your Time A Lot

Still, to see a search volume, CPC, and AdWords competition, you’ll have to pay a fee. If used free of charge, you’ll see only the keywords and nothing more. In the case you’re interested in the SEO optimization and don’t want to know any additional data, KeyWord Tool is definitely worth being checked out.


Choosing a proper SEO tool secures your blog and assists in turning it into a successful business in the future. The tools mentioned above will certainly make your life easier: you won’t need to worry if your blog’s development is successful for it will be.

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