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Top Android Cloud Apps for Data Storage

The world is changing and technology is the key to the life of everyone. In this era, everybody is aware about Android which has changed the life of many people. Cloud computing has come with good opportunities for everyone as it has made it easier in the storage area. Cloud computing has come with a lot of solutions in the virtual world as it has made it easy for people to work using the online systems.

Top Android Cloud Apps for Data Storage

The Android Smart phones have extensive apps that help to connect the user to work with ease. Here is a list of some of the Android cloud apps that are easier for the people who use them:


access files from anywhere from android by dropbox

This is one of the best apps that people use to work online or to do business on the internet. This is one of the most popular apps that are used by many people. Most people already use this feature to give information to each other and the service is shared and among the devices for Android and†access files from anywhere. People who use Dropbox are granted free space that has a capacity of 2GB and they are granted to move up to 16GB. Files that are stored in a computer are saved to Dropbox that includes videos, pictures and word documents.

Just cloud

access the data from any place around the world

Just cloud is used by the cloud users for online storage. This app is very easy to use as it allows the user to sync his or her data and this makes everyone to be able to access their data from any place of the world. The files are automatically backed up and one can be able to†access the data from any place around the world. The main issue is about the backup files that you may need at any time. This app is absolutely free for the users of android.


BOX (Android Cloud Apps for Data Storage)

This application is successful since it has two main traits that include ease of use as well as size. It has 5GB that are available for the users to store the spreadsheets and word processing documents for life. Those who use it and are not familiar about cloud storage have reported about navigation and also the functionality that is very easy to pick up. The user who is in the box service have a grant of 5GB that is free for them to save documents, audio, video, presentations as well as flash video.

Ubuntu one

Ubunto One (Android Cloud Apps for Data Storage)

This is one of the greatest ways that allows one to save family photos for years as it ensures that they are protected. The users make use of the auto upload for each picture that is taken from the device as it is sent to the Ubuntu server. This works as the central location to the sync apps that include Facebook, twitter, Google + among others.


Skydrive (Android Cloud Apps for Data Storage)

The Android cloud storage searchers look for one thing which is about longevity. The users for ZumoDrive attest about cloud storage as it does not do much with the company that shuts down. This app is operated by Microsoft which means it should stick around for some time and offers support for PowerPoint, excel as well as other documents that are stored on a Smartphone.

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