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April 23, 2016
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May 21, 2016

Top 8 Apps To Help You Plan Your Next Roofing Project

Smartphone applications are changing the way people work and function in every area of life. There are apps that are designed for use in every industry, allowing the professionals to find easy and innovative solutions in their business as well as the amateurs to handle certain jobs on their own. The construction industry has not been left behind in coming up with the smartphone tools. Following are some popular apps that come in very handy for roofing projects:


Roofing Project app

This popular roofing app is popular with both professional contractors and DIY guys. This tool that is designed for iPhone and iPad use helps in estimating the roofing materials required. It can estimate the number or squares, bundles or roofing shingles, required for a roofing job. You simply put in the square footage and the pitch of the roof and calculate to get the estimate. The tool can also help in cost calculation when you input the cost per bundle.


Eagle Roofing Project app

This free app helps to provide accurate and timely roof measurement reports. This is a very useful tool for contractors who want to stay ahead of the competition. The iPhone and iPad app helps the user to get the square footage, pitch, lineal footage and other measurements, making it convenient to place orders at any time and from any location. Users are also able to place new orders using a photo image from the phone. Users can access valuable information or report measurements from different projects.


app for construction

If you want to make calculations for shingles and sheathing, this Roofing Estimator will come in handy. Trying to carry out these calculations manually can be challenging due to the different pitches and overhangs. Using the app, the roofing contractor can get the right measurements that will ensure accuracy. It helps when it comes to providing an accurate quotation and to avoid wastage when buying roofing materials.


iQuick construction app

This is a useful app from iQuick Tools that can be used in different construction phases. It can be used to get estimates for roofing, framing, flooring, paint, drywall and other construction projects. This simple tool helps to determine the materials and total cost and the results can be emailed directly to the client. The tool is useful for contractors who want to get their bids fast and conveniently to the clients.


iquick construction project

Before starting any construction project, the contractor has to provide a contract for the customer to sign. This iPhone and iPad app allows the user to create and email the contract to the customer directly from the phone. The app comes with pre-written information and templates that make the job of creating the contract simple. The contract information can be customized for different projects in the construction industry.


gaf home project app

This app is available for iPhone and iPad use and it allows users to draw plans, diagrams and surfaces and helps to calculate the area and perimeter. The user can add field notes and then send the drawings directly by email or FTP.


roofing app

This tool consists of bid management systems that allow the user to track the bid process with different companies and subcontractors. The app provides a reliable and secure way to track the process and it helps to provide useful information that helps to ensure that the project bidding is easy and timely.


construction app of roofing

This is a useful tool for contractors as it helps in the creation and management of punch list items. It offers easy access to essential contact data and it helps in sharing and storage of project photos, card entries, log time card and other information. The app also helps in the management of construction schedules and other processes.

Through the use of phone technology, you can accomplish your construction projects faster and much more efficiently. The phone apps help in different areas of construction whether you are just working on the roof, or you are constructing the entire home. While the apps are very useful, you cannot overlook the importance of getting a good roof contractor. Without the right roofing skills, all the apps in the world will not do you much good. Look for a reputable roofing company so that you can get the best service!

Today’s feature writer, Raymond John, is a part time blogger working for one of the top roofing companies in Calgary. He likes blogging and usually shares his thoughts about home improvement techniques.

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