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SAP Hana – The Business of the Future
July 14, 2017
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August 8, 2017

Top 6 iPhone Apps to Make Your Day Better

Top 6 iPhone Apps to Make Your Day Better

[social_warfare]There’s nothing better than a good app. They brighten our day, they make things easier, and they help us solve problems when the going gets tough. The good news is the world is full of excellent apps. Although most apps are worthy of your time, you naturally don’t want to fill your phone with apps you’re not even going to use. It’s important to plan your app use and only pick those that you find useful, entertaining or helpful.

To make it all just slightly easier for you, here are some of the top iPhone apps you need to have at your fingertips throughout the day. With these six apps, you are bound to make your day better.

1. Rolo

The easiest way to ensure your day goes without a hitch is to make sure you’re using a proper calendar. When it comes to calendar apps, the iPhone has a huge selection of suitable options but Rolo is definitely the prettiest.


Your day will be made better with the use of animations and beautiful design. You can instantly see how your day divides into work and entertainment – perfect way to remind yourself to slow down or, indeed, get off your backside!

2. Nine

To-do lists are another great way to keep your day on track. However, you often don’t have time to write them, and a lot of to-do list apps tend to provide you with an annoying design that doesn’t inspire you to do more. Change this around with Nine.


The to-do list is visual; it uses photographs to create reminders of the things you need to be doing. You can attach tags to your photos and therefore, create clear action plans. Furthermore, you can even geotag your photos to ensure you remember where you remembered to do that particular action. It’s pretty, and it’ll make your day go by quicker.

3. WhatsApp

Smartphones are not really for calling anymore, but instant messaging. While instant messaging apps come in all shapes and sizes, Whatsapp is definitely one of the most popular and the best for all sorts of uses. You can send photos, videos and even record voice messages on the platform if you can’t type. The app has a lovely range of emojis and GIFs for you to use.


Why do you need it to make your day better? Whatsapp will guarantee you get to talk to friends and family, as well as sort out any pesky problems in an instant. If you use the Wi-Fi option, you don’t need to spend a penny staying in touch with the outside world.

4. TuneIn Radio

Do you love podcasts? There are many good podcasts to listen to but only so many hours in the day to do the listening. TuneIn Radio is an app to change this and with the help of the app, you can keep listening to your favorite podcasts more.

TuneIn Radio

The app speeds up the speed of the shows. It starts slow and trains your brain to pick up the important information – you can cram in more episodes to your daily commute with this app. It’s the perfect way to help you listen more but without it taking time off your other things.

5. Churchill Solitaire

You can’t just think about productivity and work all day long. For the fun occasions, you’ll need some proper games on your phone. Churchill Solitaire is a great pick – it’s entertaining and challenging at the same time.


The app was developed based on a complicated version of the classic game, the British prime minister developed. Churchill is considered one of the great statesmen of all times, so you’ll boost your day a lot by having a go at this game.

6. Bumble

Everybody is looking for a bit of love. But if you don’t quite like the traditional apps for dating, you might want to give Bumble a go. The app needs two people to swipe right in order to start a conversation. In addition to this, the woman has to be the one to initiate the conversation – therefore, you might find this app a bit more serious.


If you are bored with your old phone and want the latest iPhone that too without breaking the budget then unleash the use of coupon codes available at Frugaa. It’ll definitely make your day a better day when you realize you saved a big amount and are within budget. If you want to make your day more entertaining, productive and smooth, you want to download these six apps on your iPhone!



  1. Bumble is best and funny too, One which I have used.

  2. WhatsApp is definitely one of the best but I also do like Nine and Bumble due to its gripping feature.

  3. Seriously i also use this six app. This is really great post for us. thank you so much to share this information with us.

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