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Top 5 Exciting New Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

The world of technology is being conquered by powerful mobile apps. It is good news, as life has become simpler, faster, and easier and fun filled with these interesting apps. From locating the best Chinese restaurant in your city to identifying your pals playing pranks through miscalls and messages; you can get an app for everything.

Today, mobiles are something more than just electronic gadgets. They had become the “life companions” just like the new Samsung Galaxy s4. This amazing smart phone consists of great features which help bring people closer and capture all fun moments. It is the “everything phone for almost everyone”.

Top 5 Exciting New Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Facebook Home

Nowadays, from kids to the aged, everyone is a crazy Facebook fan. If you have your own Samsung Galaxy S4, this would be the best app you can dream of. With Facebook home, all you have to do is turn on your mobile screen, for staying connected with friends around the world. You should be proud as this is one of those few premium phones that can support this app.

Dice Player

This app is a well preferred media player for Android phones. This app drains less battery compared to other players, thus adding an extra advantage. Due to the ease of access, this media player can play almost all files, play multiple audio tracks and even correct audio pitch. What more would you want from a video player?

Play Music

Play music, is actually a Google app which is available with the phone. This is a music player just like the other players which allows you to create playlists, play tracks and sort tracks by artists and genres. However what distinguishes this app from the others is that it entitles you to download up to 20,000 tracks. You can download songs from the Google play music store too.

E S File Manager

Once you cram your phone with files and folders, it becomes a herculean task to find what you want. Just like your Windows Explorer, E S File Manager, enables you to manage and organize existing files, delete junk files and find the right files when required. This app also supports cloud storage clients, thus making it much easier.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser, just like the name is a highly flexible browser which can be customized according to your needs. This app has gestures and side bars which make surfing more intuitive and fun. It supports multiple add-ons and multi-touch gestures making it worth considering.

Author Bio: This guest article has been composed by Christy Root who works for PrePayMania and who writes Guest Articles, Press Releases for Mobile Phones. She loves to update herself with different mobile technologies.


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