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Top 4 DVD To AVI Converter Softwares

DVD is a popular platform for multimedia. Anyone can watch movies, videos through DVD. A few years ago DVD format was very popular in the world but now a day it loses its popularity. Now there are new formats are introduced for watching videos. Those video formats are better in quality. As a result, DVD loses its popularity.
On the other hand AVI video formats are getting popular for good quality. It gets popularity quickly because this format supports in various mobile devices like BlackBerry, Windows Media Player, Archos, iRiver, etc. So, if you want to watch DVD videos on a mobile device then you must use convert the video into AVI format.
At present many people are using conversion software to convert video formats. This software converts video into different formats. There are many video converters on the internet. But all converters are not same. So, you have to choose the best conversion software to convert videos. There are 4 conversion software are well known for dvd to avi converter. These softwares will help you to know about how to rip dvd to avi.

  1. Aimersoft: It is the most popular video conversion software. It is very easy to use and the conversion quality is very good. This software is used as most frequent DVD conversion tool. It has the easy to use interface also the video ripping is very fast as well. The amazing thing is that you can also edit your video by using this software. You can add titles in the video or even crop something and also you can set the brightness. It has also a user guide where anyone knows about how to rip dvd to avi step by step. This software can be run on both MAC and Windows. To download this software visit here.
  2. AVS Video Converter: It is also very well known video converter. By using this software you can convert videos in any format you want like mp4, avi, mpeg, mkv, mk4, vob, etc. Also you can run their DVD making program if you are a user of Windows Vista.
  3. Total Video2Dvd: It is another software which converts any High-Definition video formats such as HD-DV, MKV, AVI to DVD and all other common video formats.
  4. Leawo dvd to avi converter: This software is mainly famous for converting dvd to avi format. It is very easy to use and also gives high output after conversion.

These four softwares are the most commonly used for conversion. You can try this for converting DVD videos into AVI. You may like to know; How to convert MOV to MP4.

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