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September 3, 2016
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Top 11 Features of Windows 8 (Infographic)

The Infographic gives users a glance at the various stages of development, editions and the usage of Windows 8 on various devices. Data, statistics and details of the salient features of the OS are presented with clarity along with striking illustrations. The listing of pros and cons lets users know what they can expect from the OS.

Dot Com Infoway, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is in the process of migrating to Windows 8. Windows 8 is a great platform for business and it has paved way for a touchscreen feature. This infographic is designed to inform users about the new Top 11 Features of Windows 8 experience and help them make the most of this ‘reimagined’ OS. Windows 8, an enormous leap forward for Microsoft, opens doors to a new era for enterprises, end-users and software providers.

Guest post contributed by Alfred Winston and Infographics is designed by Dot Com Infoway – Software Development

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