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Tips to Intensify Online Conversion of Magento Store

Magento is one of the best ecommerce solutions. There are many top brands that choose Magento as their eCommerce platform, as it is the most trusted eCommerce solution with many high-quality Magento extension and themes. From a recent survey, out of top 1 million sites, Magento is the first and top ecommerce platform. Around 26% of retailers have built their ecommerce store on Magento. In most of the ecommerce stores, they find around 1.5–3% of conversion rates. If you get more percentage of conversion rate, it is fine and good. But if you were not able to find even 1.5% of conversion rate, then you will have to optimize your Magento store. In most of the eCommerce stores, customers visit the website, look through all the products and finally they quit without purchasing any products. Probably, your customers might have found any issues while purchasing or they wouldn’t have found what they were searching for in your eCommerce store. This is called shopping cart abandonment. Most of the online retailers are facing this kind of issue in their online stores. So to prevail from this state, here are some tips to be done.

Easy & Simple Navigation

easy navigation

First to make your customer browse further on your store, make your website simple with easy navigation. Categorize your products appropriately to make your customers find the products they are looking for with ease. It is important to let your customers easily find the image, content, pricing, reviews in the top category. To make navigation simple and easy for your customers find the Magento mega menu extension which is possible to create Magento navigate menu easily.

Improve Your Checkout Process


Checkout is the final step to make your customer to purchase any product. So the checkout method steps should be simple and easier for the customers to do shopping further, this is the barrier for any customer to abandon from their shopping process. Many people hesitate to purchase online because of filling up many steps and pages on the checkout method. So customers will always prefer to end up checkout by filling up all in one page with fewer steps. To make this happen on your store, you must try implementing One Step Checkout Magento extension, which reduces the number of steps and pages on the checkout process.

Build Trust

trust (eCommerce conversion)

Even now many people are not relying on online shopping sites. It is important for online retailers to build trustworthiness on their store for the customers to feel safe. So the retailers can add signs or logo of protection and safety. If you have encrypted SSL certificate then you must make the logo displayed which is very important to build trust.

Offer Discounts

discount (eCommerce conversion)

Any consumer will desire to purchase any product if they have offered with discounts or coupons. You can make use of Magento Lucky Draw extension or Referral Reward points for your Magento store and your customers will be benefited with the offers and discounts for the product they are purchasing. To make people aware of the deals and discounts offered in your store, build a separate page called Deals using Magento deals extension to display all the deals with discounts, timeout and all details about the products.

Follow your Customers

follow-up (eCommerce conversion)

Your customers might have abandoned their shopping cart for various reasons. You may follow them by sending a follow-up email in their inboxes. This lets the visitor or user to visit back to your store for making any further purchase. Using customer follow up magneto extension you will be able to easily follow your customers by dropping them an email on their Inbox.

Know & Resolve Customer’s Feedback

Conversion of Magento Store (eCommerce conversion rate)

For anyone who sells a product should know the feedback from their customers. By knowing the feedback, the retailers can improvise their product and resolve the issues as well. It helps in making other customers to purchase the product by seeing the reviews. You can use reviews and ratings extension to build a perfect review system on your store.

Author Bio: Kristenhanna is a passionate blogger in sharing issues, tips and solutions on different ecommerce widgets like Magento and Joomla through engaging blogging sites. Stumped on where to find eCommerce solutions to maximize conversions? Follow her via Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. She has also written more articles on One Step Checkout benefits.

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