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March 25, 2013
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The Top 5 iPhone Apps for Work and Entertainment

The availability of Smart phones in the market is no less but iPhones, especially iPhone 5 occupies a special position. The craze for iPhones seems unending ever since its launch. In order to handle functions supported by the BPM software used in iPhones, People of all age groups and professions are inclined towards it mainly due to the reasons like

iPhone Apps

  • User friendliness
  • Easy accessibility
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide applications

The advancement and the upgradation is a continuous trend with the improved versions being introduced from time to time. Its features, design and contents are truly unique, thus proving itself unmatched and superior in all categories. It is indeed difficult for a user to make a selection of iPhone Apps, one may land up in a dilemma, and however, it all depends upon one’s requirements. The demand is ever increasing due to the value additions and innovation of iPhone apps for work and entertainment in its latest version like

The Exciting ‘CNN’

People desiring of being connected and informed about the international events round the clock may use this App which is a link to the international news channel. Even the text of the news can be read on the expanded screening of iPhone 5, thus providing enhanced viewing scope.

The Stunning ‘Navigon’

This particular app helps in navigation functions as route tracking, vehicle tracking, spotting a remote destination by the use of maps, the GPRS system and satellite messaging. Undoubtedly it is one of its kind.

The extraordinary ‘Nifty’ App

This is advantageous in a way that booking tickets can be done at the touch of the finger. Things are more convenient with this App, which releases from the hassles of booking at the counters and saves time and cost as well. It is a free App on these phones and with this, one can forego the use of paper tickets.

The awesome ‘Netflix’

Users need to pursue a membership of Netflix and get connected with the TV programs. Absolutely fine for the public. Hence no question of missing the favorite shows on the favorite channels. Television is the best past time for some and prefer watching serials very often and don’t wish to miss them at any cost but one has no choice when he is out of home but the new app of ‘Netflix’ in iPhone 5 makes it possible. One can have a review of hundreds of movies and other programs even when he is away from home.

The Fantastic ‘Sketchbook’

This exclusive App provides with advanced tools for painting and added features for fine tuning and better modification options for pictures inclusive of the magnifying capacity. It has proved handy in editing too.

Author Bio: Claudia is a trainer, having expertise in software solutions and Pega training for several years. She also has wide knowledge and experience in the related field, follow me @ITdominus1.

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