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The Free App That Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollar And Ensure That You Never Get Lost Again

It’s hard to imagine how drivers previously found their way around with nothing more than an A-Z map, a torch and a little bit of knowledge. The 21st century has seen us rely heavily on modern technology and most drivers have equipped their car with either a TomTom or some other form of satellite navigation system. However, these typically come at a cost and unfortunately they may not be affordable to all motorists. This is the Navfree app comes in handy for those of you who point-blank refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a SatNav.

The Free App That Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollar And Ensure That You Never Get Lost Again

Free App

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Navfree, as the name suggests, is completely free and is available on iPhone and Android devices. The SatNav is extremely intuitive and uses a system known as OpenStreetMap. You will find that it functions in much the same way as a traditional SatNav, but with a few more helpful quirks.


The specific design of OpenStreetMap allows you to use this app from scratch… In other words there is no pre-determined data that is typically downloaded from OS or A-Z. The entire system relies on people who use it to ensure its accuracy. Therefore, it requires far more interaction from the user, but this can only be a good thing, as many drivers seem to switch off with using a more conventional SatNav or TomTom.

Update Maps

Free App That Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollar And Ensure That You Never Get Lost Again

The NavFree interface allows you to update maps through a small icon, where you can add things such as one-way streets, etc. This does, of course, mean that you may one day find yourself driving the wrong up a one way street (as this street may not have yet been recorded onto the system), but the system will generally improve day by day as more people use it. Eventually, it is felt, that this entire system will be far better than the paid-for navigation systems in the market today.

Premium Content

There are a number of upgrades available with Navfree, some of which you will extremely useful, whereas others as just for fun:

Parkopedia Live Park – you can find local car parks in your current location and will be issued with helpful details such as their availability and the price.

Inrix Traffic – most navigation systems take you from A to B by the fastest route or in some cases the scenic route. However, with the Inrix traffic system you will never have to worry about being stuck in traffic or arriving late at your destination again.

Petrol Stations – you will be alerted to the petrol stations that are nearby to your current location, so even if you’re in a part of town that you don’t recognise, and you’re running low on petrol, you needn’t worry.

Cyclops Premium Safety Cameras – this system when updated will inform drivers of speed cameras in their location – a handy feature of most SatNavs, but often traffic cameras are obsolete or no longer in use. Through interaction from the Navfree community you have the opportunity to be completely updated of any new or non-working cameras.

New Celebrity Voices – simply nothing more than a fun feature – you can make your way around listening to the voice of your favourite celebrity, which will be far more entertaining than listening to the standard monotone voices issued to the traditional SatNav.

Author Bio: Malcolm Jacobs is a down-to-earth and a patient person who is a skilled chauffeur by profession. He offers Milton airport limo services to clients and his hobbies include reading and blogging.

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