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The Ease of Adding Effects in Wedding Video Editing

The onset of technology has had very massive benefits on wedding video editing especially due to the fact that it has now become possible to add different effects on these videos. This is done through the use of digital technology and other technological concepts that are used in the editing of videos. The best thing about wedding video editing is that it is something that you can be able to do all by yourself. You only require going through the laid down training for video editing and do some practice so that you eventually build up the much required experience. One thing that you must put into consideration is that you need to learn different video editing basics. This is so as you are able to know the exact types of effects to add and those to remove in wedding video editing.

Video Editing Software App

Editing wedding videos requires you to be in possession of an effective video editing software application. This is so as you are able to remove the unwanted parts (especially those that lead to blurring of videos) and also be able to include interesting scene transitions. All these are procedures of adding effects in videos and they can only be done with the use of the right software applications.

Wedding Video Editing

Addition of Effects

When deciding to add effects on wedding videos, it is important that you should know that this is a procedural process. As such, it is required that you should each and every step as they are provided in wedding video editing tutorials. The first step involves reviewing the already captured wedding video. This can be done directly from the camera (only applicable in cameras that have LCD screens) or by watching the video directly on a television screen. Reviewing the video allows you to be able to identify the parts that you may want to remove.

Software Familiarization

The second step involves connecting the camera to a computer that has a wedding video editing software application. If in case your computer uses Windows, you can use Windows Movie Maker software app. On the other hand, if your computer runs on Mac, you may choose to use a software application such as the iMovie HD app. Before you transfer the video from the camera to the computer for editing, it is very important to take some few minutes so as to be able to familiarize with the software that you intend to use. This is very important in that it makes it easy for you to use the software application and equally be able to understand the functions of the software.

Video Importation

After the familiarization with the software app is over, you should then partially import video clips that you intend to use. The main reason as to why the importation should be partial is due to the reason that there is no need of importing parts of the video that you do not intend to use. The importation should be monitored so that no glitches occur on the video clips that are to be edited. These glitches can put you through much trouble in wedding video editing. Therefore, instead of having to go through this much trouble, it is better to prevent the occurrence of the glitches.

Arrangement of Imported Clips

After the importation is over, you should then arrange the clips in the software in any order as you wish. Before proceeding to the next step (wedding video editing), it is advisable that you should first trim the length of the already imported clips such that they are not too long or even too shorter. After the trimming process is over, you should embark on adding the desired effects. Addition of effects should be done in a linear fashion manner following the order in which you have saved the clips. The first effect that you should add is the creation of a favorable title. An appropriate title is such as Pat’s and Liz’sĚ wedding. There are different designs through which you can use while creating wedding titles.

Finalizing and Polishing

After you have added all the necessary effects such as background music fades and you should then embark on adding transitions in between clips. This is so as to enhance flow in the videos especially bearing in mind that these clips are getting from different parts of the video. This is the last step in wedding video editing.

Author Bio: Alan Olson is a video Editor and writer at videocaddy. His favorite blogs subjects are†Wedding Video Editing†and Audio Editing Services. †He loves sharing his knowledge with others.

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