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March 12, 2016
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TACT9000 Review – Best Tactical Flashlight?


A flashlight is one kind of mobile electric light. Everybody knows about it. But are you familiar with the term known as Tactical Flashlight? It is obviously a flashlight, but it is far more advanced than the average. Unlike the common one, this tactical light, mostly used in the military sector at first. With the passage of time, it becomes popular for regular use. It is used either as a part of a gun or for self-defense.

In tactical light, the beams are sharper than frequent. A common flashlight produces about 15-20 lumens whether a tactical one produces 70-80 lumens at least. Today I am going to share my first experience of using one of them, the model I used is Tact9000.


The main attraction of this Tactical flashlight is its bright beams. It produces 1000 lumens with no dark spot! It can be used for regular household works as well as for personal safety. You cannot carry a gun to protect yourself everywhere. But no one will stop you bearing a tactical light. That is why I suggest you to use this non-lethal force. The Tact9000 Tactical flashlight is powerful and lightweight at the same time. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries instead of ordinary 1.5A ones. Also, you can use a 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery if you wish. The body structure is made of aluminum and the finishing is quite good. The grip is so soft, so there will be no pain carrying it for a long time.

The world becomes unpredictable day by day. You have to be prepared to face any unfamiliar situation. If you are in a crisis and you may be attacked any time, this simple tactical light can defend your life. All you have to do is switching on the light to full brightness. No human eyes can tolerate this much amount of 1000 lumens. Your attacker will be blind for a couple of moments and it will be enough for escaping. Also, it can create serious wreck to the intruder’s retina. On the other hand, you might be camped in the forest side and got yourself lost in the jungle. This tactical flashlight can save you in this aspect too. You just have to aim the heavy light to the sky. Tact9000 has a range of 500m and it will make you seen to the search party.

Besides, this Tact9000 has aluminum body. If you hit anyone (who wants to hurt you) with this light, he or she will feel the ultimate pain of this light. Also, there is a strobe function to seek others attention. This time it gets a range of 1 KM radius and it is more than enough to be noticed. Above all, the vital function of a light is to search someone or something. This Tact9000 is 10 times more flashy than a constant one.

Now it seems quite interesting about the price. I guarantee you that the price is not going to disappoint you. It is $59.99 (according to their website) and I think it is not a big deal compared to other similar products. So what are you waiting for? You want yourself to be seized in the dark? If you do not, then grab your one and protect yourself.

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