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Sometimes You Just Need A Few More Gadgets To Get Through The Day!

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you are sweating over your filing cabinet when you could be doing something a little more cerebral in the office? Nowadays there seems to be a shortage of really useful gadgets that make our lives a little easier at work. But have you had a look recently at what is on offer? Well, there are quite a few really clever little products and appliances currently doing the rounds of workplaces. Before you miss out, put your feet up and have a quick read of this article. We put a few of the most popular office gadgets through their paces for your perusal!

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The Clip-on cup holder – $5

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Simple but oh so effective, the Clip-on cup holder really will change the way that your desk operates. When you really need that caffeine kick early in the morning, how many times have you had a little ‘accident’ that either scours your private parts or ruins your documents? This borrows the in-car coffee cup holder and brings it to your workplace. Those accidents will be nothing but a distant dream from now on. You can even unclip the gadget and bring it home for some more accident free evenings whilst watching those movies. You can switch the coffee cup for a nice chilled brew and enjoy a chilled evening.

Solar USB charger – $ 60

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This device brings us back into the 21st century and is an eco-warrior as well! You will never again struggle for a plug socket to charge your portable devices. The fantastic solar USB charger is a piece of genius that just keeps on giving! It will connect with most standard USB sockets and comes with a host of adaptors. The only thing it won’t do is make that darn sunshine for you! You can take it on the move and just whip it out when your phone or tablet device is getting low on juice. We love this gadget and believe that every business person should carry one at all times!

“What’s for Lunch?” decision spinner – $20

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How many lunch hours have been compromised just because nobody can agree on the same menu choice? So many valuable minutes go down the drain as we struggle to agree on something as simple as a bite to eat! Well, those days are long gone! The “What’s for Lunch?” decision spinner will rock your lunchtimes! There is a comprehensive set of delicious meal suggestions all available at the spin of a wheel. You can even throw in a few boozy treats, but save these for Fridays, ok?

Desktop punching ball – $26

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We all know the feeling, you’ve had a bad day at work and the boss is still barking orders at you. In an ideal world you could walk right over and give him or her a piece of your mind. But in reality that would earn you an even worse working atmosphere, or worse. So you need to blow off some steam without causing any bodily harm to others, right? Here is the answer to your frustrated issue, the desktop punching ball! It can take all of your stress related beatings and come back for more. Never again will you have to keep those feelings inside, your wife and kids will love the new relaxed fellow who comes home in the evenings. And if they start to bug you, just bring the gadget home and you will be as happy as Larry!

Gadgets for Your Enjoyment?

Hopefully, these light hearted products will ensure you have a little fun at work and will allow you to get through the day a little easier – Have Fun!

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Today’s guest author, Rose Jones, is an ardent blogger and she is passionate about reading and writing. By day, she works for one of the most successful office supply stores in Montreal.

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