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Save Water, Money And The Planet – Four Efficient Plumbing Fixtures And Gadgets

Conserving our natural resources has not always been the most efficient thing to do: in years past, doing so meant spending far more money on efficient gadgets and products than was generally recouped over a period of months or even years. These days, however, our resources are becoming increasingly scarce and combined with advances in technology, it is now becoming much more cost-efficient to begin making smart investments. In the case of water, a variety of efficient plumbing fixtures have arrived on the market to help consumers accomplish this goal. Below, we’ll be discussing four products that are saving money, water and resources for their owners and for the next generation.

Delta Single Function Shower Head (52659-PK)

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Conserving water while taking a shower is one of the most efficient ways in which save water, and the newest line of Delta products are striving for conservation in this regard. The Delta Single Function Shower Head is an affordable solution ($45) to the age-old problem of wasting water while in the shower. Using just under two gallons per minute, the Delta shower head connects automatically to any 1/2” shower adapter and requires virtually no maintenance due to its clog-proof design. Many people will also love the fact that by using less water per minute, hot water reserves last longer – this makes households where multiple showers in short periods of time are required less frustrated when someone takes a little too long in the shower.

Peerless Water-Saving Massage Shower Unit

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Available for just under $30, the Peerless Water-Saving Massage Shower Unit allows home owners to enjoy flexible showering without a huge price tag – on the product itself or through elevated water bills. The flow rate of the shower head (two gallons per minute) reduces the rate at which water is wasted, keeping your hot water heater full and your environmental reputation intact. For those wishing to improve the efficiency of their showers without breaking the bank, the Peerless Massage Shower Unit makes a great addition to the bathroom.

Pfister Kenzo Waterfall Faucet (GT42-DF0)

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Low-flow taps help reduce the rate at which we waste water while washing dishes, brushing our teeth or cleaning around the home, and the Pfister Kenzo Waterfall Faucet excels in this category. For approximately $200, this tap offers one of the lowest flow rates you can expect from a bathroom fixture – 1.5 gallons per minute – which can reduce waste water by up to 50% when compared to traditional taps. The unique design gives an aesthetic charm, as the water rolls out of the fixture, down the brass chute and into your hands or the sink.

Mansfield Water Saver Toilet (147-119)

Toilets are a notorious waster of valuable water, with older models using up to four gallons per flush. The Mansfield Water Saver Toilet helps reduce the amount of water used on each occasion substantially: with just one gallon per flush, each one of these installed toilets can save up to 4% per month in water consumption. Costing around $400 without installation, the Mansfield toilet will recoup its investment over time while also eliminating one of the key contributors of wasted water throughout the home.

Author Bio: Marlon Peters, is a plumber at Ora Plumbing, contractors in Westchester, USA. He is a tech enthusiast and is always keen to learn more about technological innovations.

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