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SEO or SMO Which You Should Prefer For Digital Marketing
June 22, 2017
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July 27, 2017

SAP Hana – The Business of the Future

SAP Hana - The Business of the Future

The software industry is growing rapidly nowadays. If you are a technical guy, then SAP HANA is a familiar word to you. However, if you are not pretty familiar with the name, then let me introduce it first. SAP SE (Systems, Applications and Products) is an international software company. They are one of the biggest merchants of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Till now, they have released several programs like- mySAP, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business One, SAP Business Suite, etc. In 2011, they released SAP HANA.

SAP HANA is the fastest growing software product in the world. There must be some reasons behind this fast growth. Firstly, we know that the databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. share a nearly common architecture while HANA (High-Performance Analytical Appliance) uses a different one, i.e. ANSI SQL-compliant ACID database. Secondly, HANA is called the 2nd generation ACID database, and it includes engines like- calculation, spatial, graph, predictive, data quality, business rules and a web engine. Thirdly, business performance is now less than ever due to less hardware, maintenance and testing. Thus, taking a real-time decision is quicker now.

Now what is the future of SAP HANA and how powerful is it as a career?
Let me assure you that the opportunities are endless in this field. There are a number of categories in SAP HANA. All you need to do is know the differences between them and then choose a suitable one depending on your background and interest. The sub-areas are- SAP HANA in-memory Business Consultant, SAP HANA Performance Consultant, SAP HANA BW Consultant, SAP HANA Operations Consultant, SAP HANA Application Developer, SAP HANA Security Consultant and SAP HANA Project Manager.

Maybe you are interested in SAP HANA now. So, what elements are essential to learning SAP HANA?
The knowledge of SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) and SAP BO (Business Objects) is a must if you want to know HANA. You may omit SAP BI. Besides, the knowledge of Java, PHP and Python are not necessary, but being familiar with them will be your advantage.

Last but not least, SAP HANA is like a kitchen of data platforms where you can cook everything. And anyone can cook simply by doing the SAP HANA training online or offline today. You just make sure that the trainer provides a certificate after the training such as Mindmajix (Online IT Training Institute).


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