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Quick Call 911 My Sponsor’s Gone Missing & I Need Help Immediately – The iPhone App For Recovering Addicts

Most people who are fighting to overcome a drug addiction will typically have a sponsor. This is someone who they can confide in and is there to help them through the tough times. A sponsor is generally someone who has also experienced (and overcome) addiction therefore they will know exactly what another addict is going through. With a sponsor’s help and support you can soon see yourself well on the road to recovery.

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Sponsor 911 – Addiction, Recovery, Encouragement

The iPhone App For Recovering Addicts

This is an iPhone app specifically aimed at recovering addicts, no matter what their addiction is. The app provides solace and comfort if for any reason you are unable to contact your actual sponsor. It has a pre-recorded library of messages that are aimed at encouraging recovering addicts during their difficult journey. The app can actually be used universally, and there is no reason why a non-addict shouldn’t use the app to feel encouraged and motivated.


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– There are over 50 recorded messages, typically between 30-60 seconds in length. These messages have been written specifically with recovering addicts in mind and can be used to deal with any form of addiction.

  • There are a total of 5 different virtual sponsors for you to choose from – male, female, a young adult male, a young adult female and a pastor.
  • In addition to the recorded messages there are also 50 different written messages for the user to read, which once again are there to provide support and encouragement.
  • You will find a resource area within the app which provides links to addiction-related blogs and websites, as well as numerous toll free numbers if you feel you need to speak to somebody.
  • The app also contains a link to the Sponsor 911 website ( where you will find many blog posts and additional information to help you fight against addiction.


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The Sponsor 911 app can be found in the Health & the Fitness category on iTunes and can be purchased and downloaded for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, iPad and 3rd, 3th and 5th generation iPod touch. The app has been rated as 12+ due to the infrequent references to alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

If you are looking to overcome addiction you should never deal with this on your own, and this is typically why most addicts will have a sponsor allocated to them. Recovering from addiction will require you to talk about your feelings towards your addiction, as well as learning about the specific triggers that may set off your addiction.

As mentioned, most sponsors will have been through the exact same path as you before, and therefore will understand your exact thoughts and feelings. However, there may come a time, for whatever reason, you are unable to speak to your sponsor when you desperately need them the most and this is exactly where the Sponsor 911 app can be of most use. So, don’t let addiction take over your life again and use this app to encourage and motivate you to a full recovery.

This guest article was written by Nancy Anderson; she likes to write and share her experiences and thoughts with readers. By day, she works at New Awakenings and helps treat people suffering from drug dependence.

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