Improving account security with a password generator and manager
Improving Account Security with A Password Generator and Manager
March 20, 2019

6 Tips on How to Produce High Converting Video

6 Tips on How to Produce High Converting Video

Video is a powerful marketing tool that you can use to drive a lot of sales. However, don’t expect that it is going to get viewed and drive your sales if you just simply create one video and not do anything to promote it afterwards. You will have to optimize it and promote it in order to make your video become high converting. The following are 6 tips on how to produce the high converting video.

1. Keep the Video Short

When creating a video, you should keep it short to like 30 seconds. If the video is short, people can watch it to the end easily during their spare time. Research shows that short videos can increase the attention span of the audience by 89%. If you want to create a long tutorial video, you should divide it into smaller videos.

2. Use More Videos on Your Landing Page

Including multiple videos on landing pages can increase the conversion rate. No want has time to read through a long page that is full of text. If you put videos to explain your products, it will be easier for them to understand the sales copy. If you can make your video interesting, you will find that your landing page has a lesser bounce rate with more time spent by each visitor on the page. Videos can make a more deep impression of your brand on the audience’s head.

3. Promote Your Video until It Has a Lot of Thumb-ups

Videos with lots of star ratings and thumbs will yield a higher conversion. To get lots of thumb-ups, you will need to produce quality videos. The pictures, animation, and sound that you use in your video must be of high quality. In addition, you should customize the page of your video channel. Make a unique background picture for your channel page.

Blank video channel shows that you don’t care much about your channel. In addition, you should promote your YouTube channel in several ways such as including your YouTube channel link in other social profiles, pin your videos on Pinterest, put it in your signature on the forum you regularly visit, and put it on your website/blog.

6 Tips on How to Produce High Converting Video

4. Create a Personalized Video

Personalized video can make a deeper impression on the customers and move him to take action. Personalized video is a video created especially for that customers’ needs. It is as easy as featuring their name or company logo in the video. Along with the personalized video, there should also be a personalized thumbnail for the video. You can see higher email open, engagement, and click through rate when you use personalized video in your email marketing campaign.

You want to make a video that is customized to your audience. For example, if you are selling kids toys, then, you need to consider what the kids expect when they watch your video. Talk in a way that is persuasive to the particular type of audience. Make videos with a length that is suited to the audience. Other things that you can customize in the video include font style and background music.

5. Optimize Your Video for the Device

In addition, you want to optimize your video for the type of device that your audience use to access your video. If your video doesn’t load smoothly on the device, people will turn to other videos. You can find out what device your audience is using in your analytics. The best video format for online video is MP4 because it is small and the quality is somewhat the same as the high-quality version.

You can quickly compress your video by using online video converters. In VC Online, you can load the video to your software by dragging it into the file drop zone and selecting the desired format under Video. It has a basic built-in video editor just in case you need to get some editing work done on the video.

6. Add a Prominent Call to Action (CTA)

You should include a prominent clickable call to action (CTA) toward the beginning/end of the video. The CTA can be anything that motivates the users to take action such as a button, link, or referral to a related video. Whatever types of CTA you want to include, make sure it can inspire the audience to take action. The CTA doesn’t necessarily have to be a visual element, it can also say out, for example, you tell the audience explicitly with your voiceover to take an action. The video content should be in a step by step format that leads to the CTA.

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