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June 10, 2013
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They say that a bad workman will blame his tools, but we say you should perhaps think about upgrading that tatty old toolbox for something a lot cooler. There are some new developments that have been taking place and as a result you will start to see some new takes on old standards. Home improvement projects are no laughing matter, and when you find something that makes mundane tasks a lot easier than you should really grab it with both hands. The less time and effort you spend on thedonkey work, the more time you will have for visualising your latest project. This article looks at a few of these new gadgets and sees if they are worth their salt or not!

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Dremel 7700 7.2V Cordless MultiPro Kit – $45

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We start off with this clever little beauty from those wizards over at Dremel, and what a way to start! The Cordless MultiPro Kit is a very portable little powerhouse that appears to have almost no limits. Being cordless, it is great for those jobs away from any power source and it has a fantastic operating speed. It works at both 10,000 and 20,000 rpm, so pretty much every job is covered nicely. The kit is really where it is at, you have so many useful attachments at your disposal it is unreal! There is even a lawnmower blade sharpener included plus all of the usual favourites. Drilling holes, sanding down surfaces and dealing with difficult screw jobs are all a piece of cake to the Dremel. The battery lasts for ages before a recharge is required and we think that every tool kit should have one of these included!

Cooper Lighting Might D Worklight – $50

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This is so much more than a simple flashlight, because it is the daddy of all torches, and then some! The device is equipped with 80 LED lights that really illuminate the dark spaces all around you. You will be amazed by the power of this gadget, and it is so useful in many more ways. The Worklight happens to be magnetic and that allows for it to be attached to any metal areas to hold it in places whilst you are beavering away. It is cordless and as such is totally portable, the unit will never overheat and the bulbs will last the lifetime of the torch itself. We have never seen such a powerful torch, and you will soon wonder how you ever managed without this champion of flashlights!

iRobot Scooba – $500

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This is one of the coolest gadgets and although it is not a strictly home improvement oriented, it will certainly help you to prepare the floor surface for any occasion. The beauty of the iRobot Scooba is the fact that it will clean your floor on its own will surely make it a very welcome new addition to most families out there! As well as scooping up all of your loose crumbs and debris on the floor, it will then wash the surface and even dries it too! All of this and it also gets behind those tight spaces where we dread to go, toilets and sinks! All floor surfaces are catered for and it won’t even ask you for a tip! Some people may think this is for lazy home owners, we say resourceful!

And Relax!

We are convinced that all 3 of these gadgets will work their magic on any family home out there, but don’t take our word for it, try them yourself!

Author Bio: Jason Harvey, He is a well-known interior decorator and He leads a team of window installers in Toronto. Writing is his hobby and he constantly blogs about new tools and gadgets that help save money and time while renovating a house.

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