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What Is Open Source Software?

Open source software is developed by the public, but the ownership is held by a company. The copyright is also held by that company. This idea has helped people save more money. The source code is freely available to create the software. This has helped major software developers to save time and money. The copyright of the software is held by the company. Its their wish to decide on the license of the software. Many software licenses are also available to the public. The term open source software refers to the software whose licenses are also available for the public. The developer of the source code of the software is treated as a co-developer. He has full access to the source code. He can fix bugs in the software. He can update the software. This helps in creating the bugs easily. Many developers have better computers to detect bugs, so this makes it easy to correct bugs. Open source software has been a great idea as anyone who creates the source code can correct errors and add additional features to the software.

Commonly used open source software:

Open source software is developed by establishing programmers who have rich knowledge about the programming languages. They volunteer to develop the software. Some of the famous open source software is APACHE HTTP SERVER and osCOMMERCE. There is also the internet browser MOZILLA FIREFOX. LINUX and UNIX are some of the most successful open source products. ANDROID is the derivative of the UNIX operating system. Now ANDROID is the most used operating system for smart phones. ASTERISK a voice over IP application is also open source software. Open source software is one of the best strategies for business applications. There are major problems in implementing this idea. As there is lack of support, problems of viruses, frequent changes, this is a major risk. Some of the other problems are long time support and viruses. Many business firms are using dual license strategy to overcome some of the problems. Some examples are MYSQL, INGRES AND SLEEPYCAT. Payment systems also implement this strategy to develop their business. Some examples are FLATTR and PAYPAL. They have gained a lot from this type of developments. Internet has grown a lot in these days.


Funding is one of the major concerns in open source software. The developers cannot expect each user to pay them to use their software or develop the software. Many alternative methods can be used to get funding. They also cannot expect them to pay for the license. The open source software can be given to the users as a freebie. The license for the source code is given to the developer by the company. But the copyrights of the software are held by the company. The owner of the software has the right to sell the software and he may give the software for public use. The software is created such that any programmer can make changes to the software.

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