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Music In The 21st Century – Possibly The Greatest Downloadable App For Music Streaming

The world was introduced to Internet radio not so long ago. You can create your own “radio station” and listen to your favorite songs just as you would with the traditional broadcast radio stations. However, music streaming works very differently and has taken the way in which we listen to music to a whole new level. You now have the ability to pre-select your own songs, artists and albums and then create your very own playlists. You can listen to these songs immediately or save them for later.

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Spotify founded in 2006 and is a service for streaming music. It was initially launched in Europe by its Swedish founders in 2008 and within two years they had over 10 million users. This figure doubled to 20 million users over the next two years, of which 2.5 million were paying members. The Spotify Group expanded their operations and as of April 2013 this fantastic music streaming service is available in various countries around the globe.

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Their library of music is currently at approximately 16 million tracks and you can actually download these tracks to a mobile device of your choosing faster than any other music service. This, of course, means that the sound quality of your download will be far more advanced than its competitors. You have the ability to become a paying premium member, which will ensure that you never have to listen to any adverts and you’ll also have access to content that is exclusively for paying members.


Greatest Downloadable Music Streaming App For iOS, Android and Blackberry

Spotify is available with iOS, Android and Blackberry and also for Windows PCs and Macs. You even have the facility to use Spotify with supported browsers should you not wish to download it. The browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. There are 3 different versions of Spotify that you can use – there is the free version, the unlimited version which costs US $4.99 a month and the premium version which costs US $9.99 a month.

Other Features

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Spotify’s main use is to stream music, but you will come across a wide range of other interesting features. You have the ability to search for music, create your own playlists, and you can even share your playlists or tracks via a number of different social networks. The paid versions immediately remove the annoying ads and provide you with a radio mode. The premium service offers you a lot of exclusive content not found on the other two subscriptions. The premium service also allows you to listen to music offline via a mobile device of your choice or your computer or laptop.

Another great feature of Spotify is it will display playlists that are already on your computer or mobile device’s system. Therefore, if you already use iTunes, for example, all your playlists can be found within your Spotify menu. You also have the ability to edit, delete or change these other playlists while you are logged into to Spotify. You can even create your own “radio channels” within Spotify, which will typically be based on the song styles or artists that you like.

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