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Movavi Video Editor, A User-Friendly Video Trimmer

There are instances when you want to crop a video in order to remove the unnecessary elements of the clip and make viewers see the vital elements of the video. The final video will be better if the black bars are removed from the sides. Movavi Video Editor is a video trimmer tool that can crop the video in just a single click.

Download Movavi Video Editor

How to Crop Video?

To crop a video with Movavi Video Editor, you just need to import it by clicking on the†Add Media File button and select the video file.Import by clicking on the Add Media File button

Then drag the video from the Media tab on the working area or timeline.

Click the Crop button found in the preview screenTo use the video trimmer, simply click the Crop button found in the preview screen. Then stretch the rectangle and move it to define the new frame area.

stretch the rectangle and move it to define the new frame area


Movavi Video Editor is †more than just a video trimmer, it is†video editing software. It has an intuitive interface, and you donít need a manual to know how to use the video trimmer. The big preview screen allows you to see the clip while editing it. Next to the preview screen are the various tools you utilize to edit the video.

One can place more than just one clip in the timeline. Just drag all the videos you need to the timeline after importing them. Then simply rearrange them in the timeline to the order you want them in the final video. The user can also add audio by importing an audio file and add it to the timeline. The Movavi Video Editor can now play the audio along with the video in the preview screen.

Aside from being a video trimmer, Movavi Video Editor allows the user to split and merge several videos. It has lots of ready-made effects and transitions available. Thereís no need to use other software to add effects to the video. They are easy to apply, and you can play with them to find the right transition or effects.

When you right click on an element of the project, you can change its properties. This allows you to silences a video so that you can use your own audio track. The fade ins and fade outs of audio tracks are also modified using the same procedure.

And once the project is done, Movavi Video Editor allows you to export the final video to a file format that would play in a particular device or burn the project to a DVD or CD. The export time depends on the length of the video.

If you are looking for a simple video trimmer and editor then use Movavi Video Editor. It is easy to use and affordable. You donít need to use any other editing program when you have this video editor from Movavi.

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