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Monitoring PC Activity with Gecko Monitor

There are a number of reasons you may want to monitor your PC while you’re away. Increasingly, parents, employers and spouses are turning to computer monitoring software to watch over suspicious behavior when they can’t be there in person. For parents, computer monitoring software can be used to keep an eye on devious teenagers who insist on playing computer games instead of doing homework. For employers, the software can be used for a similar reason; maybe your employees are insisting they’re not using Facebook for half a day when you can’t prove that they are. And for spouses, a cheating or misbehaving partner can be caught out with the help of software like Gecko Monitor.

So how does Computer Monitoring Software work? The good news is that the software isn’t just for the technically minded among us. Gecko Monitor can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes and once installed will secretly monitor everything that happens on the target computer. When installing you’ll be asked to set a secret key and password combination that will allow you to open the user interface and see the logs and reports. Without the key combination and password, Gecko Monitor is completely undetectable, meaning it won’t be visible in the task manager, start menu, add/remove programs list or program files directory. Even the savviest computer experts will not know they are being watched!

When you’re ready to view what the software has monitored you can log in and browse the reports. Alternatively you can have the reports sent to you via email, so that you don’t have to risk logging into the software on the target machine. The email reports can be sent at varying time intervals set by you. Gecko Monitor will report on the following activities:

– All applications used along with the time/date of use.
– All websites visited along with the time/date of visit
– All keystrokes typed along with time/date and application/website typed into.
– All documents opened/saved/deleted/moved along with time/date.
– Everything copied & pasted on the clipboard and everything printed.

Along with all of this, Gecko Monitor will also take screenshots of what’s happening on screen (even on dual monitors). These screenshots can be set to be taken at periodic intervals – every 30 seconds for example – and/or whenever a new window is made active or new web page is visited.

If you’d like to download a free trial of Gecko Monitor, head to the Gecko Computer Monitoring Software website.

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