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Mobile Tech Trends Of 2016: Fit Or Just A Fad

Mobile Platforms - Mobile Tech Trends Of 2016 Fit Or Just A Fad

Mobile development is at its peak, and this is the reason developers are searching every nook and cranny of their brain to come up with something luminary. Well, there are various trends that are coming up, wherein I presume that some are a momentary swing, but there are also some who are here to stay long.

Mobile Platforms - Mobile Tech Trends Of 2016 Fit Or Just A Fad
In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular tech trends that will be under the limelight in 2016. Let’s unravel!

Mobile Friendliness continues to hurt your SERPs

Craig Bloem, founder, and CEO of LogoMix has speculates that in 2016 small business owners will dedicate more resources towards mobile app development. Moreover, Google has launched some guidelines for mobile optimization and as per these guidelines, only a responsive web design will be accepted by the bots of a search engine. This update has the potential to hurt your search engine ranking. To affirm the mobile friendliness, Google has also launched a tool that tells you how much mobile friendly your website is.

In 2016, Millennials will drive the traffic for small businesses

Mobile users are mostly millennials who are so much engrossed in their work that they hardly have time to do other stuff. This advancement is the reason they rely very much on mobile devices and where the small business owners must work strongly to attract users, and customer engagement is the key factor that will rise in 2016. Moreover, a service provider must be particular about catering their customers, else they will succumb to this cut throat competition as the competition is quite ruthless.

Cloud-based Apps

Cloud is responsible for making people ubiquitous, and this is the reason it is gaining a lot of credence. Applications such as Asana, Boomerang, Tripit, Linkedin, Docusign, DropBox, Office² HD and several others have gained a lot of credence. Mobile cloud computing is in its full swing and has captured the market. This development puts forth challenges in front of mobile developers as they now have to design cloud-based application that run on different devices, and they also do not compromise on the functionalities and features of mobile apps.


Not just the internet giants such as Google or Apple have landed into wearables but also companies such as Polo, Nike and others have landed into the world of wearables and aim to develop the world where fit people dwell. Fitness, healthcare, gaming via ocular rift, instant messaging and voice messaging are some of the most apparent advantages of wearables. This is one of the most happening things in the market, and the trend will sure grow to look at their usability.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has created a lot of fuss in the market, and it certainly has the credibility to drastically change our lives. As per this technology all the electronic items, as well as physical devices, are connected with technology can exchange data and can monitor it remotely which is also connected with computer systems. IoT is incredibly utilizing smartphone and wearables quite incredibly. The current trend is to develop mobile apps for IoT, and this is increasing rapidly. Further, a lot more genres such as health-care, infrastructure management, environmental tracking will come into mobile app development.

Beacon Technology

Apple has integrated its operating system with beacon technology that has made a platform for iOS user to get connected with iBeacons. Beacons is a technology that works for people living in a particular region by delivering them services they require. Apart from this, the users are also given buying suggestions that the company provides based on the vicinity of the users. Marketers and retailers are making use of mobile technology to the fullest to cater their users and expand their business.

When Games meet social media

Games have become so much favorite among the users that the developers have now started adding games to normal apps as well, and this is known as gamification of apps. However, moving back to games, no one can remove this trend as voice command software can bring doom to the normal apps, but gaming apps are here to stay for long.

Further, the latest tend it to integrate the games with social media, and this has become a luminary development. This has become one of the most invasive things that someone has ever introduced, and another thing is an integration of cloud with the games which will completely transform the lives of game lovers and obviously app developers.

More refined gestures

All the hand-held devices offer touch screen interfaces, and this is the reason the designers and developers have to pay special heed towards how they will make their user work on their mobile app. You can make them pinch, zoom, tap, single tap and others that you can use to make the users work on your mobile app. However, zooming is not such a good practice in mobile design. You must publish content that is readable on the first go; this is because mobile app users have become quite lazy and they want things to sever on a platter. Moreover, the design must be so clear so that the two gestures do not get intermixed.

Well, it has been noticed that tapping is a bit difficult in such a small device interface. Therefore, you can switch to swiping which is quite an easier way to work on the hand held devices. You can experience this yourself and to do this just try to handle your phone with one hand and try to work on your phone. You will get to know easily what I am trying to say.

All in all!

Mobile was a revolution a few years back, and now there are new intro revolutions taking place in the industry and these developments have already started to change the way we use to treat technology. Technology has touched every part of human lives, and we can imagine every possible field where we can use technology to transform the way we work, function or live. From infrastructure management, traffic control and security solutions for health monitoring, entertainment, growth in productivity and so on.

Be it fitness or health, entertainment or lifestyle, management or recruitment and several other sectors, mobile apps are proving to be an extremely important resource. These advancements are indeed advancements towards better living.

Feel free to share your views!

About the Author: Amanda Cline is an adroit mobile app developer who has a great experience in the field and is currently working at Xicom Technologies Ltd which offers top-notch Mobile Application Design and Development Services. Xicom Technologies is highly renowned for its leading-edge mobile application development solution offerings that have completed over thousands of successful projects under various guidance from top brands.

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