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How to Make Money With Micro Jobs Site

Micro freelancing websites are a full new way for freelancers to earn money on the website. These special websites beginning to crop up all over the internet, and they are well valuable checking into. You can make a lot of new clients via the use of these sites.

Damongo - How to Make Money With Micro Job Site

Essentially, the way it jobs is easy. You post a micro gig, such as squidoo lens service for a site. The Micro gig should not be value much more than about 5 dollars. Buyers then search the gigs to find the services they want. They purchase your micro gig, you finish the job, and you are paid via the website.

Micro websites offers a special opportunity for buyers and sellers. As a buyer, someone can try out services affordably before making a plan to hire a freelancer to do a lot of job. For a seller, it means a full new way of getting fresh clients for a long-term business relationship.

There is a best and wrong way to use these micro jobs site. If you truly want to earn money with micro sites you will need to be capable to use them perfectly. First, you want to ensure your profile is fully complete and offers sample of your job. This way you will be capable to prove yourself to buyers and make more money using the website.

Second, you want to ensure that the service you are offering is one that is worthwhile. To be worthwhile, the micro job website should be something that is attractive by those who use the website, and it should be something that is attractive on a long-term basis. In other words, you want to select micro gigs to post that are going to reel in fresh clients on a long-term basis. The true money in micro freelancing websites is not in the services themselves, but what those services direct to.

Third, make your gig perfectly. You do not want to end giving more gigs or services, than you bargained for because the service explanation was not obvious. You need to ensure that you know actually what you are offering and how much you will be getting for it. This is not negotiable when you work on gig for a buyer. The gig must be done exactly as it is written, so ensure that you are going to be doing well in explaining your service precisely and accurately, in every detail.

There are many micro jobs site in this time such as fiverr. In present, Damongo is a new trusted alternative of fiverr, gigbucks or seoclerks where you can display your products or freelance services and sell them to potential buyers.


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  2. Genelia says:

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