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April 16, 2016
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Liven Up Your Living Room – Now!

We use the living room for many different activities but our favourite ones are usually chilling out and watching television or listening to music. When you consider how long we tend to spend in this room, why not think about adding some clever gadgets into the mix and make that time even more pleasurable? There are some fantastic products available that can create a totally fun environment for you and your family, and some of them are even useful too! This article offers a light hearted glimpse at some of these bad boys and after reading this, maybe you’ll want a closer look for yourself!

Luxurious ‘Ultimate’ Get-A-Way Chair

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This one is for those armchair sports fans that really know how to ‘slob out’ whilst watching slightly more energetic fellows chase the oval ball! The Get-A-Way chair will fit you like a comfortable leather glove and has the odd trick up its luxurious sleeve! If you feel tense when your favourite team are on a hiding to nothing, this beauty will massage and soothe your worries away! There are multiple settings for this feature and we are sure there is a perfect action for everybody out there. You may need to throw your bed away as this device is so darn comfortable, just ensure you have a well-stocked refrigerator before that next game kicks off!

Universal Remote Control

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Hands up who is fed up of those darned remote controls that always seem to go missing just when you need them? Well worry no more as the Universal Remote Control is here to save the day! This sexy LCD screened gadget will take all of the remote controls you can throw at it and will be begging for more! You can customise the screen to display the controls you use the most and the internal FLASH memory will ensure that your settings are never lost again. The only issue we can think of is – what happens if you lose this baby?

Air Purifier

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If you are sharing your living room with a furry pet, you’ll probably need some air freshener handy at times. They may be man’s best friends, but they sure know how to stink up the place when they feel like letting off some ‘steam’! Well you can continue your loving relationship with Rover, and this device will take care of that nasty aroma. The Air Purifier is a very clever device that reduces even the smelliest of odours and ensures the living room atmosphere is nice and clean. There are several settings and we love the silent operation of this beast. You can watch all of your movies and sports in a room that will even zap the stink of your buddy’s ten year old sneakers!

Large Screen Television

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This is probably the most essential gadget for any self-respecting movie and sports fan! The bigger is generally the better and we say that 50 inches is just the starting point! For those who say that size doesn’t matter, they are probably embarrassed about their own tiny piece of equipment, and their television is probably small as well! Once your wives and girlfriends have experienced a big unit in the living room, they won’t be satisfied until you get one of your very own!

Are We Getting It Yet?

These gadgets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating the ultimate chill out room. But try them on for size and you’ll soon be looking for even more cool gadgets to make your friends greener than the Incredible Hulk!

Author Bio: This guest post written by William Levis, he works as an interior designer for New York City Blinds, a firm that deals in vertical blinds in Manhattan.  In his time off from work, he writes articles that list down cool gadgets any modern house must be equipped with.

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