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Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review
January 21, 2017
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February 4, 2017

Latest Gadgets and Smart Apps for Your Car

The advent of smart phones and mobile technology and gadgetry has brought about a revolution in the nature of information technology.

Latest Gadgets and Smart Apps for your Car

Not even the automobile is safe from the influence of these devices, many an app and gadget making its way to the market, armed with functionalities designed to further integrate the structure of the vehicle with the workings of the mobile device.

  • A closer look at the many mobile technology conventions making their rounds in 2012 and 2013 will reveal a zeal to generate smarter devices to more intricately integrate with one’s vehicle, companies likes Cobra hitting the ground running with tools such as Novatel, cobra and co-pilot, taking steps to increase efficiency and safety in driving, providing functions to track speed zones, locate car keys and so on; the I radar app has shown considerable efficiency in allowing its users to send out warnings of cautions with regards to events and occurrences of note on the road.
  • Usage based insurance takes the integration process to a different field, making the necessary alterations in customizing one’s insurance based on their driving profile; surprisingly not as popular as Novatel and its spider devices, designed to capture certain behaviors related to the car such as average speed and miles driven, going so far as to report accidents and thefts, these alongside diagnostic functions that can prove useful on the road.

Latest Gadgets and Smart Apps for Car

Proving especially impressive as far as smart phone apps and gadgets are concerned will include:

  • Joyride- this would best be described as a smart car charger, enabling users to program settings into their phone and car when they enter or exit their vehicle with regards to answering phones, activating GPS systems and so on.
  • Car finder- joyride operates in tandem with the car finder app, allowing you to determine the location where your phone last disconnected from the car charger, making it that much easier to locate your car in a massive parking lot.
  • Tag key fobs are proving to be more effective security and pseudo GPS systems than conventional tracking systems, at least over a limited range, pressing the button on the fob designed to activate an alarm from the phone as well as providing last known coordinates.
  • And of course who hasn’t heard of portable speakers like super tooth accessible via blue tooth by any number of devices

With so many of these technologies emanating from 2012, 2013 has been a year primarily focused on consolidating these technologies and developing advanced versions, such as the Nissan Nismo, spinning off the back of Samsung’s Galaxy watch, a wrist device designed to sync with vehicles such as the 3702 Nismo to collect data such as driving speed, easily shared with a variety of mediums, such as social media sites. With the future of mobile technology largely constrained by the economy, most firms seem to be taking considerable interest in cheaper technologies, specifically those taking advantage of crowdsourcing.

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