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October 19, 2012
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October 22, 2012

iPhone 5 offer an advanced security features “On-Screen Fingerprint Scanning”

Now The internet is abuzz with Apple’s iPhone 5 and its cool features. After long waiting for the September 21,2012 iPhone 5 comes with its new feature. An amazing iPhone 5 concept features video spread no Youtube that has some incredible characteristics that would be likely with today’s technology. But there is no ‘Laser keyboard’ no ‘Holographic display’ on the new version of the iPhone which shocked lots of the expectant.

On-Screen Fingerprint Scanning : At first the Apple authority planned to focus on the wireless charge the iPhone 5 which we already saw in Nokia Lumia 920. This facility is available right now and would truly offer real advantages into the iPhone. It’s only to make sure compatibility with existing charging equipments. Then the studio has made finger print scanning into the iPhone to provide an improved safety characteristics on the gadget. It’s one of the unique feature named “On-Screen Fingerprint Scanning”. It gives iPhone 5 more importance to the people how loves to use Apple’s product. The on-screen fingerprint scanning makes the iPhone secured. It means only the right finger is able to unlock the phone and ask to come a fresh window. That calls biometric detection. Without the owner’s or controller’s finger print it won’t be opened. So no one able to use it without the permission of the title holder. Though this feature is used before on many smart phone but this is an iPhone 5 pride.

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