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An Insight Into WordPress 4.0

WordPress finally ends all the speculation and rumors about its most awaited version release. Yes, the WordPress 4.0 version, codenamed “Benny” is finally released on 4th September 2014.

This latest major release has enticed the WordPress fans and other tech-savvy individuals across the world. WordPress has improved dramatically in past 11 years. It has begun its journey as a simple yet efficient blogging tool and eventual has blossomed into a full-fledged powerful content management system. Today, it occupied 23 percent of the Alexa ranked top 10 million sites feature WordPress platform.

Unlike the WordPress 3.0 that has been a significant major release, the WordPress 4.0 doesn’t offer any groundbreaking feature as such. However, it features certain noteworthy improvements and amazing updates that make this version a superior choice.

Without any further ado, let’s have a quick glimpse over the improved feature of the WordPress 4.0 version.

An Insight Into WordPress 4.0

1. Language Selector: An Apparent Change In The Installation Process

It is the most conspicuous change that can be seen in the WordPress 4.0. Observing the fact that WP is flourishing rapidly and numerous WP installation are in different languages (apart from English), WordPress developers have introduced the language selector as the initial step of the installation process. Thus, making it convenient for the users across the globe (who are familiar with some specific language) to complete their WP installation in a desirable language.

WordPress has streamlined the installation process while making it more user friendly. It supports 43 languages, you can choose a suitable one for your website.

2. Grid Media View: Enhances The Sleekness of UI

Though, this is just a minor update, but, it helps showcase the media files in a much precise and uncluttered fashion. By default, it will offer you a list of 20 images in a list (you can adjust it in a desirable way). The grid view facilitates users to review the product at a glance and adorns the user interface, lending it a captivating visual appeal.

3. Embedding Media Has Never Been This Easy

The WordPress 4.0 version has completely transformed the way media is embedded in the WP enabled sites. In the previous version 3.9, one needs to preview the copy and pasted the URL (in the visual editor) for publishing a video. Whereas, with this new release, you won’t need to preview it separately; simply copy and paste the URL on the editor, and you will instantly get the URL preview in the editor itself.

Hence, it certainly saves your valuable time and make media embedding more convenient and fun, by previewing the visual appearance of your content instantly in the editor, before publishing it.

4. Post Editing Will Be Fun: With An Improved Post Editor

Unlike the previous versions of WordPress that makes it a bit hard for the users to edit posts (as the editing area changes its size with scrolling), the version WP 4.0 offers  an improved post editor. Its post editor features a fixed menu bar on the top and allows one to conveniently edit the post by adjusting the content area as per the requirement. This minor change has brought a significant effect and makes editing a breeze.

5. Revamped “Add New” Plugin Page

Since, there are over 30 thousand plugins in the WordPress repository, searching a desirable plugin is not an easy task. However, with the improved new WP version you get a much better experience while browsing plugins.

The WP 4.0 has introduced an advanced way of searching a plugin by reviving the top navigation in the media section and the plugins are showcased in an attractive and easily-accessible fashion. In the plugin installation section, you can filter the plugins on the basis of factors like Features, Popular, etc. Moreover, you can also read a plugin review straight from your WP enabled website dashboard.

Hence, it will offer an intuitive dashboard section that will make WP site installation and customization a breeze. This clearly epitomizes that the UI of WP is only going to improve with modern interface over time.

6. Security: A Prime Concern Of Any Webmaster

Security of the site should be the primary concern of every webmaster. And since, WordPress boasts a huge user base, securing a WP site becomes more essential. There is no significant security feature as such, but it is not even insecure. You must follow some best practice to ensure the utmost security to your WP site in order to diminish the likelihood of it being hacked. It is advisable to choose the theme and plugins for your site from a reliable source.

7. Customizable Widgets: With Enhanced UI

Multiple widgets create a feeble visual appeal to the site, making it appear cluttered and clumsy. But fortunately, this latest WP version has pushed all the widgets in the theme customizer (under customization screen). Hence, you can expand them only when required and thus keep your site interface look more captivating.

Looking at the above mentioned new features of the WordPress, it can be said that WP has become a more refined and powerful platform. These features will not only enhance the site admin experience but will also facilitate the developers with better UI. Upgrade your WP site to this improved version and reap its amazing benefits. The next updated version of WordPress 4.0 is expected to be available by the end of this year.

Author Bio: Samuel Dawson is an expert writer cum blogger. Currently,he is working for Designs2html Ltd. – A leading PSD to WordPress conversion service company. He has written many research articles on converting HTML to WordPress theme website. He loves sharing idea’s and technology related updates online.

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