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How to Make Windows 8 Look like Windows 7

Windows 8 has some interesting features, which were never seen before. It looks like Windows overly emphasized on the interface and a shocking display. You would definitely love Windows once you make it look like Windows 7 and enjoy features of Windows . While you can optimize Windows 8 to make it faster, you can also customize it in accordance to your ease. Many users nowadays, look for ways of making Windows 8 look like Windows 7. Here are a few tips that you can do in order to achieve looks like Windows 7:

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Boot to desktop

Yes, you can directly boot to the desktop in Windows 8. All you have to do is little work. You have to open task scheduler. To do so, go to Search in Charm bar and type Schedule Tasks. Once you see Windows of task scheduler click Create Task under Task Scheduler Library in action pane. Now you can name this task such as ĎBoot to desktopí†or anything you want. Now open Trigger tab and click New and choose At log on in the Begin the task drop-down menu at the top. Now click OK, open action tab, select New, and enter explorer in the program / script.

Now save this action and task and there you go.

Setup Shutdown button

Now you don’t have to worry about shutdown thing and you can have old button back. To do this, right click on empty space on your desktop and select New>Shortcut and copy paste text in the Location field†and go for Next. Name this icon ĎShutdowní†and finish. The shortcut will appear on the desktop. Right click on icon and choose Properties. Now open shortcut tab and click Change icon button. Now you can see a list of icons, you can use any but preferably shutdown icon. Remember, this is an icon and work as a function of shutdown so place it away from icons like in the right of the screen.

Get rid of lock screen

Navel function of Windows 8 becomes irritating at times. You can get rid of this screen. It is just an interface and technically, it does not have to do anything. It is not of much use for non-touch computers. We can fix it. To do this, type ‘Run’ in the search bar or press Windows + R on your keyboard to open Run command. Now type gpedit.msc and press Enter. Navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates > Control Panel> Personalization in Local Group Policy Editor. Now click does not display lock screen and select OK to save changes. You will not see lock screen anymore. Enjoy Windows 8 looks like Windows 7.

Author Bio: The guest post is being provided by Alan Waker who is familiar for writing on Windows troubleshooting and PC tips. You can visit his website to download free registry cleaner and optimize your PC’s performance.

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