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September 7, 2012
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October 18, 2012

Add Animated Avatar on Twitter (Step by Step)

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If you see animated profile picture to your friends twitter profile or other profile and you want to use an animated picture on your twitter profile, follow these steps of below & enjoy 😀

1. Find an animated GIF or Create a short video clip less than 8 seconds and Make this video as a GIF file.
(Don’t choose any GIF whose size is larger than 700KB. Twitter doesn’t support file size larger than 700KB)
2. Crop it into a Square. There are a lot of tools on online to do it. “Online-image-editor.com” One of the easiest tools online is to edit your picture.
(Make sure that, your pic dimensions are exactly square)
3. Re-size it to Twitter friendly size. Not all square sizes will work for Animated Twitter Avatars. The sizes that would work are: 48px, 96px, 128px, 192px, 384px. Re-size your image according to any of these sizes. The same tool will work for resizing too.
4. Sign in to your twitter account.
5. Click the gear icon in the top navigation bar and select Edit profile.
6. Click the Change photo button next to your photo. You’ll be given the option to select an existing photo, take a photo, or remove your existing photo.
7. Select an existing photo option and upload your animated GIF picture which you made or choose for your twitter account.
8. Click ‘Save Change” button & You will see a notification that your image has been successfully published to your profile.

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