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How to Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties and Boosting SEO

The Google panda update is dreaded in SEO and web development spheres because of the blows it directed to websites. The update mainly punished websites that had duplicated content, thin content and other content considered low quality. Among those hit the worst were unregulated content sites like Hub Pages, Go articles and many others.

Most of these websites experienced a significant drop in ranking, for perpetrating what Google considers low quality content. By extension, many webmasters who had built their off-site SEO strategy based on these low quality content platforms lost massive traffic in its wake. Apart from the off-site punishments Panda meted on web masters, sites with more adverts than content got the heat.

In its wake, sites whose strategy was entirely powered with the low quality practices lost revenues and money. Some of them were completely wiped out of existence and a livelihood. This means that if you want to make the most out of your web presence, then you need to make deliberate steps to ensure your website has robust quality.

Developer tips and advice

The incorporation of SEO best practices in web development has become a reality. If you previously created designs which provided for thin content alone, this is time for a change. You need to reconsider your previous strategy to ensure that your website is designed properly and provides valuable information.

For example, how much duplicate content exists on your website? How much has been there for so long and doesn’t get views? How much of it is accessible? These are the main reasons, which will determine if the site is high quality or not.

The eCommerce question with panda

ECommerce sites were some of the worst hit by the Panda update. This is because many of them have a lot of duplicate content on them, most of it caused by multiple paths to the products. Since Google’s index looks at page paths via URLs, having different ones on the same information is segregated as low quality or spam.

Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties 1

Some of the ways to ensure your website is safe from the Panda

The most undisputed ways to get rid of the duplicate low quality on page parameters on a website is to implement the rel-canonical tags on multiple URL’s on your site. Most search engines accept the direction on what you consider relevant. You should also ensure that all your site pages read well, have relevant information that is unique and engage readers. Also ensuring that content on your website is unique compared to others on the web; use a duplicate content checker Plagspotter to ensure that yours is above the fold.

In conclusion, although many people state that the best way to escape the panda is to create high quality content, having yours above the fold is the most effective method. The best you can do to ensure that the Panda doesn’t affect your business is having content that is user friendly, completely easy to access, promoted on other sites, and shared on social sites.

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