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How About A Helping Hand For Those Home Improvement Projects?

We all get tired of scraping that stubborn wallpaper off the surface, especially when it just won’t budge. And how about the times when you just can’t seem to get an even brush stroke onto the ceiling? Every now and then we could really use a bit of DIY magic, and that’s the truth! This article looks at a few gadgets out there that seem to be answering our cries for help. Have a little read and see what you make of them, you may just have found a new best buddy!

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Battery Powered Wallpaper Cutter – JML Direct

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Speaking of wallpaper, here is the first offering and what a gadget to start things off with! This battery operated device is a real winner, and it is very easy to get a hold of and it certainly looks pretty cool. The cutter is actually designed to cut the paper as you fix it to your wall. You will get a perfect line and the skirting boards will have no ugly overhangs going on with the paper of your choice. You can also achieve great joins due to the perfectly straight cutting action from this gadget. Alcoves and corners are also catered for and you will wish that you had this past years ago!

Bosch PDO Multi Wall Scanner

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If you have ever accidently drilled into a live wire, you are probably lucky to still be here! It is incredibly risky, yet thousands of people drill blindly into their walls every single day. As well as the accident angle, it can cause a whole lot of extra work and expense to fix the clumsy mistake. The Bosch PDO Multi Wall Scanner doesn’t want you to get fried whilst doing DIY. It will alert you to any hidden pipes or wires that lurk beneath the surface. It will also notify you about wooden substructures and metal girders, so you will never have the excuse ‘I didn’t know it was there’ ever again!

Black  & Decker 3.6V Lithium-Ion Auto Select Screwdriver

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Nobody enjoys putting screws into holes that have been drilled too tight or at a wrong angle, and why should we? Even though it’s probably our own shoddy workmanship that has drilled the hole in the first place! Well, this fantastic Auto Select Screwdriver is here to make things right! You simply select the appropriate surface and the application and the screwdriver takes care of the rest. It is just the job for those awkward flat pack products and will even take down the most demanding jobs with ease. The device is nice and light and stays charged for months, you will soon be finding excuses to use this little beauty. We like this product and so will you!

Magnetic Extending Flashlight

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This extremely attractive aluminium torch is an excellent tool in its own right, but there is  another clever side of this gadget. It happens to be magnetic, as the name suggests, and it is thin enough to reach into those awkward spaces where nails and screws always seem to drop into. It will extend to 26 inches and will soon be one of your favorite torches of all time!

Gadgets or Real Tools?

We think each of these items are good enough to take pride of place in your toolbox, but don’t take our word for it. Get out there and try one for yourself, you will be very happy that you did!

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Author Bio: James Watson is an interior designer at At a Glance Decor, a leading dealer of draperies in Santa Monica. He is a tech enthusiast and likes to read various tech magazines in his spare time.

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