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Hockey In Your Pocket: The Top iPhone Hockey Apps

Recent advertising campaigns for the iPhone and iPad have focussed largely around how versatile they are and the wide range of applications they have over Android and Windows devices. The idea is, that whatever your hobby, whatever ‘the things you love’ (to quote the campaign), you will find an app for it on an Apple device.

For hockey fans then, the iPhone and the iPad should provide a whole range of entertainment, information and use. But is that the case? Let’s put it to the test by looking at the…

The Top Hockey Apps on iPhone



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iPlayBook is one of the more fun hockey games on iTunes. Rather than aiming to recreate the game in 3D (an ambitious feet) or generally add complex gameplay, this one is instead the ‘Championship Manager’ of the sports world (but with far fewer features) and allows you to create your own plays and drills for your team. You can save images of your best plays and share them with friends as a nice added bonus.

Hockey GPS

Hockey In Your Pocket-The Top IPhone Hockey Apps

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A very useful little app if you’re desperately trying to find a particular arena in your area. This way you can avoid being late and missing the start of a game you’re going to watch, and it can also be useful for finding places to learn and play in your area.

Hockey Trivia Lite


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If you’re looking for a little fun and a way to test your hockey knowledge, then Hockey Trivia Lite is a fun way to pass the time. It can also be great if a whole bunch of you have gotten together for the game and need something to entertain you between breaks.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey

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Air hockey may be quite far removed from actual hockey, but it’s still a lot of fun and does have some similarities visually if nothing else. There are hundreds of air hockey games on iPhone so you can take your pick from neon versions and the rest. This is another one that can be played two player, so it’s good to get-togethers.

Hockey Night in Canada


If it’s apps, stats, news and the rest that you’re looking for, then Hockey Night in Canada is a great app that will give you all the information you’d normally get from the show. A good companion for watching the game, but also a great way to catch up on the latest news while you’re on the train or bus to work.

Hockey Buzz


If Hockey Night in Canada doesn’t give you enough to read, then Hockey Buzz is a great little app that lets you read the latest hockey posts from bloggers and writers and generally stay up-to-date with the latest gossip , rumors and news.

NHL Game Centre


This app requires a sign up and a fee, but once you’ve joined you can watch a number of games live on your iPhone. This way you need never miss a game again and can watch your favourite sport while chilling in the garden or cooking in the kitchen.

Author Bio: This article was submitted by Joshua Bing; he works for a well established provider of composite sticks and other hockey equipment. His hobbies are reading and writing.

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