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October 22, 2012
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Check Your Page Speed With Google Page Speed Tools

Many webmasters and authors very properly knows the importance of load time. But they are not focusing on it perfectly. This causes losing of many more visits to their page even if it contains the most relevant info. While a person’s query for some keyword and key phrase matches to your page, search engines will listings your page also in results and when they clicks your page, if it takes much time, the possibility of leaving your page is high. So Google presented service, on their developer page, Page speed tools. From April 2010, Google has involved page load speed also in their ranking algorithm. This means, Now loading time of a website is also a factor for page ranking or search result position. Google modified their algorithm mainly because of them just need web authors and webmaster to make a serious look at their webpage loading time. Many thought that articles are more important than anything else. But page load time has also a significant role in their website traffic. The possibility of missing a visitor may occur only because their large loading time. This lets site owners and authors to check their page loading speed ranking maximum of 100. If you think you need to do is, just go to this page and check your web page load score.

If you get a score below 80 or less score indicates more room for improvement. A high score indicates less room for improvement. “TjPlanet” gets 87 out of 100 and we are trying to increase.

Check Your Page Speed With Google Page Speed Tools

What is Page Load Time?

Page load time is the time that it takes for every component of a particular webpage to be displayed. This is not just the Titles, Text and Images but also invisible code like css, javascript, html & flash all of which are required to display the content to your webpage. When your page takes much more time to load, Its not fare for the development or earnings for your webpage. The possibility of leaving your site before it loads is very high if it requires more time to load its content.

Why Page Load Time is Important?

When Google spiders crawl through your webpage, they don’t want to be slowed down by fancy code, they (Google Spiders) think that if they are slowed down, the visitors to your site will also be slowed down. This is why slow websites are penalized with lower rankings, because Google always wants their users to have a positive and fast experience.

The causes of Slow Web Page Load

Any objects like frames, scripts, flash are the usual suspects. They will all slow down the load time of your website. One of the most common causes are images. So frequently website owners will load images to their website which are not optimized for the web, which means they have not reduced the file size and there for significantly maximize the time it takes for a page to load.
It’s good, if you compare and contrast your current and previously checked page speed scores. If your website scores turns into lower than the score before adding that element, you require to resize or edit that image or code you added into the website for maintaining your page speed.

You can use Google Page Speed Tool for this.

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