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Go Crazy With the Best PC Games

PC Games are a rage over the world amongst kids and adults alike. These games have premium quality graphics and once you get hooked to them you definitely can’t get your eyes off them. Those who have joined the ranks of PC games recently should try to find out the games that should be installed by you. You can also read online reviews left by gamers to know about which games are ideal for you.

You could start the process with games mentioned below and purchase the same at good discounts using Flipkart discount coupon codes: 

1. Minecraft:

Its success lies in tapping the need of humanity for building different structures. This has allowed the people to recreate almost everything from Death Star to the retro video game levels. It also succeeds in retaining interest of the players by providing survival adventure mechanic. You need to build is the tower of Babel and need time and patience besides dodging green creepers of monstrous of the game. However those wanting high resolution graphics may be a tad disappointed due to its pixilated aesthetics. 

2. Dota: 

This terrifying game takes a lot of time to learn and is capable of both forcing you not to leave the game and also you may want to leave the game for good. In this game teams of five compete against each other trying their best for marching creeps to base of enemy for destroying large structure called ancient. It is a very intense game. It’s a true game for competitive people; thogh tough to learn, it’s worth the effort once you get the knack of it.

3. Skyrim: 

It has endless potential for moods and no one tells you the right way to enjoy it. It is an ideal example of perfect PC game and is still popular even after years of its release. This game is a good match for those who love adventure and freedom. Here you are dropped in a world and then you have to battle against odds to survive. You could walk around picking the flowers or fight dragons. This is definitely a time consuming game where you can invest in days, weeks or even months playing the game.

4. Civilization: 

It is legendary based strategy series that changed things considerably with civilization. Maps can be navigated easily and the crucial information is passed on easily and it is best looking entry in family. This game is a huge hit at events and parties and helps in keeping the guests fully engrossed while they are pitted against each other. is the best coupon site that can help you get coupons for buying PC games at good discounts.

5. Counter-Strike: 

In this shooters drive tanks, fly hang glider and pilot giant robot. Global offensive has evolved from first draft that disappointed many CS players to fine tuned shooter which is being tweaked constantly, improved and updated. This game may be played for few minutes a week or for hours every day. There will always be something new you discover out of it. You will always have another match to play, another bomb to diffuse, another team to take on or the hostage to rescue. This game is a good match for competitive people who like challenges. You can use Ebay coupon codes to get it at a lower price.

Author Bio: This article has been penned by Ekta Rana an expert at articles on gadgets, PC’s and technology. She offers good and bad feedback on the new releases in the market to help you make your pick easily. She has written many blogs and articles in these niches and has a very good readership.

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