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Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone With These Four Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets have become popular over the past few years for a variety of reasons. Decreasing costs, new laws that forbid the use of mobile phones while driving and an increased ease of use have all led to millions of people adopting this technology. Bluetooth headsets can provide increased clarity, noise cancellation and in some cases, data from the Smartphone directly to the user’s ear, making them popular with professionals and casual users alike. In the following article, we will be discussing four Bluetooth headsets that combine new forms of technology with the age-old desire to communicate with others.

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Plantronics Voyager Legend

Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone With These Four Bluetooth Headsets

One of the biggest names in the headset industry, Plantronics’ Voyager Legend Headset is traditionally sculpted but intelligently designed. Alerting you whenever someone calls, the headset will tell you the exact name or number so you can accept or ignore the call. Once calibrated, the headset recognizes when it is being worn and will route calls from your Smartphone directly to your headset take off the headset, and calls will revert to your phone. The device uses three different microphones to capture your voice in high-quality and cancels out background noise. For $100, the Plantronics Voyager Legend helps users enjoy crystal clear call quality and intelligent features.

Jabra Clear

Jabra Clear Bluetoothe headsets

Useful for everything from streaming music to answering calls, the Jabra Clear Bluetooth Headset provides an array of audio functions without the need for direct phone usage. Its smooth exterior eliminates outward facing buttons and indicators, while powering on or off the unit is as simple as flicking the switch on the back. Regardless of the occasion giving voice commands to your Smartphone, listening to turn-by-turn GPS instructions or enjoying your favorite tunes the Jabra Clear Headset is an affordable solution ($50) for consumers, which comes packed with plenty of modern conveniences.

Bose Series 2

Bose Series 2 Smartphone gadget

Designed to constantly assess the level of noise around you, the Bose Series 2 Bluetooth Headset monitors real-world conditions and adjusts the input and output volumes accordingly. Any and all audio content (music, GPS directions, podcasts, etc.) are delivered directly to the headset without any need to meddle with your Smartphone. The battery level indicators are designed to be on the inside of the headset, which help further accentuate the Bose Series 2’s elegant design. Currently available for around $140, the Bose Series 2 Headset helps bring unprecedented audio quality to Smartphone gadget lovers everywhere.

Plantronics A170 Marque

Plantronics A170 Marque Bluetooth Headset

A more affordable solution that still manages to offer premium audio quality, the Plantronics A170 Marque Bluetooth Headset combines two microphones to also enhance the quality of audio capturing offered. Instinctive in its design, the A170 recognizes when it is no longer in close proximity with Smartphones and enters hibernation mode allowing battery life to be conserved for up to months at a time. With voice commands that make operation simple, hands-free calling, GPS directions, music and podcasts can be enjoyed without sacrificing functionality. You can find the Plantronics A170 Marque in select stores and online for around $60, which makes it cost effective for the vast majority of Smartphone users.

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