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January 17, 2013
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Get 420+ Free Site Value Backlinks

A few days ago, I found a website that will submit your website to 420+ website value sites for free. First off, I’ll explain what a website value site is A website value site is a website (As like www.mywebsiteworth.com) which after you put in your website url it will run an analysis on it and tells you the value of your website based on traffic, page views, page rank, Alexa rank, backlinks and so on. Normally these websites have high page rank and simple to get indexed by Google. Therefore, when you test your website, the website value site will generate the result in a new page. With that said, you’ll get a backlink from every single website value site where you submit your website URL.

Site Value

SiteValueFox is an automated tool that will send your website to 420+ website value sites like www.mywebsiteworth.com absolutely FREE which in turn will give you 420+ backlinks!

Go to http://www.sitevaluefox.com and Submit your website URL and Get 420+ free site value backlinks within an hour.

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