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Four Energy Efficient Standalone Air Conditioners To Consider

Whether you are moving into a poorly-ventilated apartment, are residing in a mobile home or are otherwise limited from owning a central air and heating system, it can be downright miserable in the summer months without adequate cooling inside the home. For many, traditional window-mounted units have been a mainstay in keeping cool when other solutions cannot be arranged. Whether it is due to lack of ownership of the current property or financial limitations, expensive central cooling systems just aren’t the solution for everyone. Below, we have outlined four standalone air conditioners that can provide relief during the heat while also being energy conscious.

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EdgeStar Extreme Cool Portable Air Conditioner

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Perfect for small apartments and enclosed areas, the EdgeStar Extreme Cool Portable Air Conditioner can cool up to 420 square feet of space in under thirty minutes. Offering virtually quiet operation and a dual filtration system to eliminate odours and bacteria from the air, the system helps make living in small spaces more much amenable during the summer months. With three fan speeds to choose from, you can decide how much air needs to be circulated to achieve the perfect feel in any room. Costing roughly $380, the EdgeStar air conditioner can be found online and in select stores.

Friedrich CP12G10 Air Conditioner

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The Friedrich CP12G10 Air Conditioner is designed for use in areas with limited space – it can be used either in a window or alongside a wall thanks to its slim profile. If the power goes off unexpectedly, on-board memory will remember your settings. In order to save money, the economy mode will operate the fan only when the machine is running, helping you avoid the high utility bills that often manifest in the summertime. For around $500, this unit will cool up to 600 square feet and makes a perfect addition to larger apartments and mobile homes.

Sunpentown SF-608 Evaporative Air Cooler

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Working differently from an air conditioner but providing many of the same benefits, evaporative air coolers use a fraction of the electricity that even the most energy efficient air conditioners use by absorbing heat and using that energy to evaporate water. The unit can be programmed to run for anywhere from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours, allowing you to adequately cool any room while at work or out and about. Using just around half a litre of water per hour – in addition to 60 watts of electricity – the Sunpentown SF-608 is by far the most energy efficient cooling solution for any small home or apartment.

Frigidaire FRA054XT7 Air Conditioner

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One of the tried and true ways to cool any room or house, this Frigidaire Air Conditioner is compact and designed to fit into any windowsill. Cooling areas up to 165 square feet, the unit will not suffice for an entire residence but can provide relief at an affordable price for a bedroom or living area ($165). Included with the unit is a remote control that makes adjusting the settings from afar easy, and its power consumption (465w) is one of the lowest in its class.

Author Bio: Marlon Andrew, He is a technician in Constant Home Comfort, a company for air conditioning repair in Toronto, Canada. When he is not working, he is seen visiting friends and family.

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