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Four Apps To Help Real Estate Agents To Gain The Upper Hand

Even though the housing market in many areas is rebounding, the past few years have no doubt been rough for many real estate agents that have been faced with an ever-shrinking amount of demand and a seemingly endless supply of houses on the market. In such an environment, gaining the upper hand on the competition is vital if agents wish to remain relevant and active in the world of real estate. By having a series of tools at their disposal, select agents can prosper even in terrible economic climates. Below, we will be discussing four mobile apps that help real estate agents gain a better understanding of their territories and help maximize their earnings.

Open Home Pro

Real Estate Agents iOS App

Perhaps the most popular app currently available for real estate agents, Open Home Pro gives its users access to managed plans for open house events, automatic lead generation services and the ability to create listing pages that can be used on a variety of different websites. Priced at $14.99 on the iTunes Store, Open Home Pro delivers in ways that listing agents expect: by offering a comprehensive tool for creating beautiful listings, you can truly showcase the benefits of any home. You will enjoy capturing photos with your iPhone and proceed to directly upload them to the Open Home Pro servers for later distribution, along with your landing page.


Open House Manager

iPhone App for Real Estate Agents

Those who wish to centralize data collection and storage will love Open House Manager, an app available for all iOS devices. Using this collaborative application, you will be able to collect sign-in information at open houses directly, using an iPad or iDevice. This information is then stored via the cloud and can be accessed later for various tasks. You will be able to use the app to subsequently send detailed home reports to prospective buyers, shoot out follow-up emails and even create survey questions that can be used to collect more information from buyers. This app can be downloaded via the iTunes Store for $4.99.



iOS APPs for Real Estate

Any real estate agent who is using technology to garner leads and earn extra income will understand how important social media management can be in developing a truly versatile real estate platform. HootSuite is a comprehensive social media manager that can post to any social platform, translate messages for various audiences and even be configured to send out specific updates at a later date and time. Perfect for those who do not have the time to flip back and forth between multiple apps; HootSuite combines all the aspects any real estate agent would engage in via social media into one easy to use system.



android App for Real Estate Agents

Document signing is a huge part of any real estate agent’s daily life, and any app that can make this process easier for both the agent and the buyer in question is a welcomed development. Enter DocuSign, a full-featured way for individuals to complete any signature or contractual agreements without having to be in person. While this may not suffice for every single document, you will be able to utilize this app (available for Android and iOS devices) to ease the burden on yourself and all buyers involved in any signing process.


Author Bio: This Guest post written by Don Mathew, he can be considered  a technology fanatic. Interning as a real estate agent in Newmarket, he spends his nights collecting information about the latest technologies. With his gadget addiction and creative mind, he is keen on getting his obsession and his work close together.

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