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Four Apps For Hanging Pictures Around The Home

Whether you have just moved into a new home or have resided in your current home for years, many feel that the best way to liven up any room is to accentuate its walls. One excellent method in which to accomplish this is through the addition of pictures, paintings and art throughout the home in order to give it added ambiance and appeal. In the past, though, hanging photos was a pain and often led to damaged walls, uneven pictures and plenty of regrets. Mobile technology has assisted us in many of these areas, however, and it is now possible to get the perfect result when hanging any photo. Below, we will discuss four applications and what each can offer home owners who wish to hang pictures in one or multiple rooms.


Apps For Hanging Pictures Around The Home

Anyone who wants to take the guesswork out of hanging photos and pictures in the home will love the Hang-a-Pic app, currently available for iOS devices. Users can utilize the application along with the camera on any iOS device to quickly determine where exactly a photo should be hung. Perfect for hanging multiple photos along one wall, this app can show you exactly where each nail needs to be placed, based on the size of each picture. With options to assess up to five picture locations at once, you will never have to worry about uneven gaps or crooked spaces between photos. The Hang-a-Pic app can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store for $1.99.


Four Apps For Hanging Pictures Around The Home

Some people like to use tape measures when hanging photos as a way to properly determine distance. Fortunately, the Tapeulator app allows users to do just that, but without the hassle of traditional tape measures. Simply start up the app and move it alongside any wall or surface to quickly determine the actual length between any two points. Anyone who wishes to leave an even amount of space in between two or more pictures will appreciate the accuracy of this application, which can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

iHandy Level

Four Apps For Hanging Pictures Around

Once you have the tentative nails in place, you will want to verify whether or not your photos and pictures are hung evenly. The iHandy Level app for iOS devices gives users the ability to utilize the G-sensors in their phones to determine whether or not a given item (in this case, a photo, picture or painting) is flush with the wall and evenly hung. Not only can this be used for hanging photos, but it can also be used for a variety of improvement and renovation projects around the home. The iHandy Level is a free download and can be found on the iTunes App Store.

Picture Hanger

Picture Hanger

Too many people end up with multiple holes in their walls due to ill-measured attempts when hanging a photo. The Picture Hanger app will assist home owners with this aspect of home improvement, and can provide exact measurements for where each nail or hanger needs to be placed. Once you have entered in a few measurements and determined where your photo or picture will be placed, you can quickly be instructed as to where each nail or hanger needs to go. Currently available for $0.99, the Picture Hanger app can be a valuable ally in the fight against ruined walls and crooked pictures.

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