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February 6, 2016
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Finally A Paperless Blueprint For Construction Sites – You Just Know There’s An App For That.

The amount of money spent on blueprints on construction sites was fast spiralling out of control, so something had to be done. It is estimated that for every US $1million spent on a construction project over US $3,000 was being spent on blueprints. However, this is just a starting point, as many architects, construction workers and managers choose to make changes mid-project, therefore meaning that another blueprint needed to be produced. This was the case until Tracy Young created the PlanGrid app.

Finally A Paperless Blueprint For Construction Sites - You Just Know There's An App For That.

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PlanGrid App
A Paperless Blueprint For Construction Sites

PlanGrid is a free app that was specifically created for the iPad. It allows the iPad to become an integral tool in any construction project. You have the ability to collate all your plans, photos and specs for a project in one place. This is also the ideal way to keep everyone on a construction team up to date with any recent changes or additions that have been made to a project.

You have the ability to share drawings to a cloud server, thus allowing every member of the team to share in your vision. You can also keep old blueprint versions on your iPad, although you will be alerted that you are viewing a previous version of the drawing.

Paperless Blueprint For Construction Sites - You Just Know There's An App For That

Main Benefits of PlanGrid

– Your drawings are easily accessible to you and your team

– You can immediately track any changes that have been made to blueprints
Main Benefits of PlanGrid

– You have the facility to insert and add photos to the drawings, thus keeping everyone abreast of a project’s progress
Main Benefits of PlanGrid 2

– You have the ability to share the entire blueprint or perhaps just a small selected area with others, depending on how much information about a project you wish workers to know about

– You can view any revisions, as well as being informed of when the revisions were made, and when they are completed

– You can sync all the documents from your project and immediately transfer these to your iPad or iPhone

– Any photos that are taken and added to the project by a PlanGrid user will carry the name of the person who took the photo, as well as when it was taken

– The app has a useful measuring tool, which means your blueprints will provide you with extremely accurate and important information

– You can make notes that are strictly private to you and these won’t be shared with other team members

– If you have workers who are not using the app, you still have the ability to email them shared information, thus allowing them to have access to the blueprints and any revisions or additional photos

You should be aware that PlanGrid only allows for PDF drawings and unfortunately these PDF’s cannot be rotated. The app is initially free and this allocates up to 50 sheets of storage. If you require more sheets there are upper levels at an additional cost. You can store up to 550 sheets for US $19.99 a month and up to 5,000 sheets for US $49.99 a month.

Author Bio: Abbey Brooks, is a project supervisor at OpenAire, a retractable patio enclosures manufacturers based in the United States. She enjoys cooking and enjoys calling over friends and trying new recipes in her spare time.

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