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October 30, 2012
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November 3, 2012

Few Tips to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California based subsidiary company of that is well-known for its toolbar and website. This website founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and BruceGilliat and grew out of a vision of intelligent Web navigation continuously improving upon through its users. Since then, Alexa users have downloaded millions of Toolbars and Alexa has created one of the largest Web crawls and developed the infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data.

They provide ranking by gathering data (Likes the browsing data from people’s) from the Alexa toolbar. Another thing is they measure traffic rank by country, if a website is local, Alexa rank will high for the its country and lower for the world rank. You will find out the rank of your website through by Alexa ranking. To facilitate monitoring in Alexa ranking, you require a widget that can be downloaded on the official website

Few technic to improved Alexa Ranking:

  1. Claim your site on
  2. Download the†Alexa toolbar†and use it every day to visit your own website.
  3. Add Alexa’s widgets†on your website and show off your Traffic Rank.
  4. Get reviews and and rating for your website.
  5. Write a review about Alexa on your website.
  6. Optimize your popular posts.
  7. Get listed on as many search engines as possible.
  8. Update your website regularly.
  9. Try to get quality traffic to your website.
  10. Write content that is related to webmasters. This can fall in the category of Domaining and SEO, two fields in which most webmasters will have the Alexa toolbar installed.
  11. Get Backlinks to your Website.
  12. Write your own site reviews on the top rated 100 Alexa sites and include your redirect URL.
  13. Share your content/websites on Social Networking sites.
  14. Ping your website regularly.
  15. Use†Alexa Auto-Surfing†Websites.

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